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1829 Public Service Journal

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Settlers Gazette
 Newsletter of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829 - 1838
from Issue No.9, December 1996

Selected Extracts from "Journal of Events connected with the Public Service" 1829

    5th February  1829   An expedition under the command of Captain Stirling RN, sailed from England in His Majesty's Ship "Sulphur" and "Parmelia", hired Ship to establish a Colony on the West Coast of New Holland.

    5th April   The "Parmelia" arrived at the Cape of Good Hope and anchored in Table Bay. His Majesty's Ship "Challenger" arrived in Cockburn Sound and possession taken of Western Australia His Majesty's name.

    25th April   Mr Tully Daly, Assistant Surgeon to the detachment of the 63rd, drowned with his daughter in attempting to board the "Parmelia", the night being dark and blowing fresh.

    30th April   The "Parmelia" sailed from Table Bay.

    31st May   The "Parmelia" made the land off Garden Island and hove to for the night.

    1st June   Attempted to enter Cockburn Sound by the passage between Garden Island and Carnac Island, but in consequence of a heavy swell on the reef, beat up round Rottnest Island and hove to for the night.

    2nd June   Passed through Gage Roads, observed the British Flag flying near the entrance of Swan River and the "Challenger" lying under Garden Island in Cockburn Sound. "Parmelia" grounded in crossing a shoal, running between Woodmans Point and Carnac Island, and remained on the bank for eighteen hours, not withstanding the exertions of all on board, aided by Captain Fremantle and a large party of the crew of the "Challenger".

    3rd June   "Parmelia" drifted off the shoal at 8 o'clock, am, and was brought up at the NE end of Garden Island.

    4th to 6th June   "Parmelia" rode out a heavy gale from NNW lying at single anchor.

    7th June   Weighed anchor and moored the "Parmelia" between "Challenger" and Garden Island.

    8th June   Artificers landed with Tents on Garden Island and with a party of the "Challenger"s men commenced clearing ground and erecting temporary Houses.   HMS "Sulphur " arrived.

    9th June   Government Stock and part of the Detachment of the 63rd Regt. under the command of Lieut. Pedder landed on Garden Island.  Survey of Passages into Cockburn Sound commenced under the Surveyor General.

    10th June   Intimated to Capt. Irwin that the Post at Swan River, where his Majesty's Flag had been hoisted, and formal possession taken by Captain Fremantle would be put under his charge as Commandant of Station, and the Seaman and Marines at present there withdrawn.

    11th June   Several temporary dwellings completed.

    12th June   Excellent limestone burnt.

    15th June   Commenced discharging the "Parmelia".

    16th June   The remainder of the Detachment of the 63rd Regiment under Cat. Irwin landed at Swan River, to relieve the Party of the "Challenger's'" people under Lieutenant Henry.

    17th June   Proclamation of Lieutenant Governor Stirling made public by Captain Irwin at Swan River.

    18th June   The same Proclamation made at Garden Island.

    26th June   An Exploring Party under Lt. Henry of the "Challenger" landed on the Main Land to discover the source of the Canning River and to investigate the soil of the country between the mountains and the sea.

    1st July   The Exploring Party under Lt. Henry returned, after having explored the country from Cockburn's Sound to the Darling Mountains and followed with little interruption the course of the Canning River, from near the source to the mouth; a journey of upwards of 100 miles, and found with trifling exceptions the soil above the salt water well suited for the purposes of agriculture. During the whole journey, not one native was seen. A temporary Store House completed.

    22nd July   "Parmelia" reported cleared of Government Stores by the Harbour Master.

    29th July   Government Notice made public, that the first Stone of a new town to be called Perth, would be laid on 12th August, the Anniversary of His Gracious Majesty's birthday, on the estuary of the Swan River.

    30th July   An Exploration party under the command of the Harbour Master landed on the Main.

    2nd August   The expedition returned reporting most favourably to the general appearance of the country. It landed in the most southern part of Mangles Bay, and proceeded 10 miles in a SE by S direction where it came to a river running towards the sea.

    5th August   Arrived the Barque "Calista " from London with Settlers, Stock and Merchandise.

    6th August   Arrived the "Saint Leonard" Barque from the Cape of Good Hope, with Government Stock, Settlers and Merchandise. Commenced discharging the "Calista" on the Main at the entrance to Swan River.

    7th August   Commenced landing the Government Stock ex "Saint Leonard" on the Main at Woodman's Point.

    10th August   His Excellency, the Lieut. Governor, with Capt. Fremantle, several officers and artificers, disembarked on the Main near the mouth of the Swan River, and proceeded up the River to the Spot fixed upon as the site of the Town of Perth.

    12th August   The ceremony of laying the foundation Stone of the Barracks, performed by cutting down a Tree in the Presence of His Excellency, the Lt. Governor, Captain Fremantle and several other officers, the Detachment of the 63rd was also present and fired three rounds.

    13th August   The line of the new Barracks laid down by the Surveyor General.

    23rd August   Arrived in Gage Roads the "Marquis of Anglesea" from London 4 months with Settlers and Stock.

    28th August   Sailed His Majesty's Ship "Challenger" for India.

    4th September   Gale of Wind from NW during which the "Marquis of Anglesea" drifted from Her Anchors, and went ashore.

    5th September   The Towns of Perth and Fremantle declared open for location and several lots in such immediately applied for and granted to Settlers.

    Perth, Western Australia.  9 Sep 1829
    P Brown *,  Secretary to Government      

    Reference:- AJCP 293 C)18/3 39 - 42

    * NOTE   Peter BROWN appears on this document, a name he used for 15 years in the colony only to revert to the old family name of BROUN in 1843. For further information on this, see The Western Australian Historical Society, Journal and Proceedings Vol. II 1935 Part XVIII.

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