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TMG Resources

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There are many resources to assist you in getting the most out of The Master Genealogist

Publishing TMG Projects Using Second Site, a presentation to the November 2014 meeting 

pdfTMG & Second Site649.88 KB

Sources and Citations using TMG, a presentation to the May 2014 meeting

pdfSources & Citations using TMG983.68 KB

An Illustrated Guide to using TMG Book Manager

Book Manager is a useful took for preparing flag filter groups and updating them as your data increases. Most people do this with Focus Groups, however these either have to be rebuilt when additional people are added or the filter flag has to be checked every time a new person is added to the data set. Book Manager semi-automates this.

pdfTMG Book Manager Guide (677.75 KB)

 The Master Genealogist - TMG - for Beginners, a presentation to the February 2014 meeting

pdfTMG for Beginners(2.18 MB)

An Introduction to The Master Genealogist - TMG, a presentation to the November 2013 meeting

pdfAn Introduction to TMG (1.48 MB)




The Master Genealogist software is available as a 30 day free trial from www.whollygenes.com/



Second Site

Second Site creates web pages or CDs from your TMG database. It generates either narrative or grid style person pages, a master index, a surname index, and source pages in HTML format.  Great for sharing your data with family members.

Current version 5.3 Build 2 is available at www.johncardinal.com/ss/index.htm

TMG Utility

TMG Utility is a powerful database modification tool for TMG projects., The features available in TMG Utility complement the capabilities of TMG itself. People who have recently converted to TMG from another genealogy product will find a number of features designed to help them take advantage of TMG features. It is available at www.johncardinal.com/tmgutil/




In these self-paced DVDs you will learn TMG's basic concepts, terminology, navigation, and many of its features.  There are 4 titles available in the series: "Getting Started", "Intermediate", "Advanced", and "Expert", each one has a duration of approx 90 mins.

Available from WAGS Library







A primer for The Master Genealogist, by Terry Reigel

The book is designed to help users quickly become comfortable and adept with TMG. It provides an introduction in straightforward terms, with a level of detail that helps but doesn't overwhelm a novice user .  Written for Version 7

Available from WAGS Library





Getting the most out of The Master Genealogist, compiled by Lee Hoffman with contributions from many experienced TMG users and testers

Available from WAGS Library

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