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November 2016

pdfTMG AGM Minutes November 2016 (173.59 KB)

February 2015

pdfTMG Minutes February 2015 (312.17 KB)

November 2014

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August 2014

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May 2014
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November 2013

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August 2013

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February 2013

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November 2012

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August 2012

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May 2012

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February 2012

The new TMG version 8 was demonstrated by Neil who showed some of the new features of version 8 along with some tips on how to download the new version and transfer data from one to the other.  Geoff also demonstated his new website as a way of sharing his family history. He also showed how he used Second Site in association with TMG to populate the site.

pdf TMG Minutes February 20121.02 MB

November 2011

 Geoff outlined the steps for transferring data using TMG report creation to a Word document  to publish a book or report on his family history.

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August 2011

A tour through the members area of the WAGS Website including an introduction to the new Forum facility. The TMG Forum will be used in future to advise members of meeting reminders and when minutes are posted on TMG webpage. For more read the minutes.

pdfTMG Minutes August 2011195.71 KB

May 2011

Edwina led a tutorial on the use of Sources, Citations and Repositories and how to enter the data into TMG; including the various ways of structuring sentences in TMG's reports. The amount of information and the way you store it depends on individual researcher's needs. There was much debate and members generally fell into two groups: "Lumpers" and "Splitters". Find out about these and more in the minutes.

pdfTMG Minutes May 2011227.81 KB

February 2011

Discussion topics included: TMG Demo, Second Site 3, TMG Utilities; Backing up your computer; TMG Book references.

pdfTMG Minutes Feb 2011193.37 KB

November 2010

Please refer to the minutes on the link below for discussion topics.

pdfTMG Minutes Nov 2010253.04 KB

August 2010

Discussion included the following items: Wholly Genes Website; Terry Reigel Website; TMG Ver. 8; Backing up; etc. See minutes on the link below:

pdfTMG Minutes Aug 2010780.92 KB

May 2010

Various topics were  discussed including the treatment of UK Census data in the US version of TMG, reading scanned documents, how best to deal with photos, primary and non-primary tags, importing from GEDCOM etc.  Neil described his preferred procedure for backing up TMG data.  Software for creating PDFs and saving full or partial screen captures were also demonstrated.

pdfTMG Minutes May 2010205.32 KB

February 2010

General TMG issues discussed including: how to deal with photos, creation and use of "Foster" tag, use of SecondSite to create web pages and CDs, editing the list of Place Names and updating your database etc.

pdfTMG Minutes February 2010199.12 KB

November 2009

Neil demonstrated the use of two monitors for Windows 7 and TMG.  Also discussed global changes to capitalisation of surnames such as 'van der Merwe' etc and using TMG Utility to remove Married Names from TMG.  The latest version of Second Site allows for the use of maps.

pdfTMG Minutes November 2009191.42 KB

August 2009

Discussed additional content for TMG Special Interest Groups web page and also the requirements for WAGS Open Day.  Neil demonstrated TMG, Second Site and TMG Utilities throughout, in particular Journal Reports with photos and resizing photos.

pdfTMG Minutes August 2009191.02 KB

May 2009

Neil demonstrated TMG, Second Site and TMG Utilities.  In particular, we looked at Sources, Witnesses and Flags.  Sort Dates and File Maintenance were also discussed.

pdfTMG Minutes May 2009196.7 KB

February 2009

Neil demonstrated TMG, in particular the use of flags and creating a focus group.  This was followd by a workshop using Second Site software to create a CD of genealogical data.  For more information on this workshop see minutes (below).

pdfTMG Minutes Feb 2009203.51 KB

November 2008

We looked at dealing with adoptive parents, filtering out living people and changing the recorded sex of a person in TMG.  In preparation for the Feb 09 Second Site workshop instructions were provided on creating the focus group for the project and how to get started with Second Site (see appendix attached to minutes)

pdfTMG Minutes Nov 2008195.26 KB

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