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Mead Funeral Directors

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Mead Funeral Directors

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family_name given_name age death_date last-residence spouse_name parent_name children_name/s other
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Aarts Hendrickus 68 14.4.1970 7 Soldier Rd. Cardup Matilda Van Hulden Francicus Aarts/unknown Van Keulen Han, Nell, Matilda, Henny, Toby
Abbott - - - - Claude Bolton Abbott William Hebb/ Caroline Harrison -
Abbott Albert Ernest 76 1.5.1968 8 Acton Ave Rivervale Veronica Florence Burley Hilda May Bennett John Joseph Abbott/ Elizabeth Unknown Albert Frederick John Clarence Herbert
Abbott Albert Richard 74 17.4.1963 Dumbleyung - - -
Abbott Arnold Frank 61 14.8.1979 43 Gardiner St Rivervale Marjorie Alexandra Fay Frederic Harry Abbott/ Wendy Joan Mullins James Trevor Kaye Lynette
Abbott Elizabeth 70 28.7.1945 29 Mount St. Perth John Joseph Abbott unknown Burrows/ unknown no issue
Abbott Frederick Harold 64 24.5.1977 War Veterans Home Mt. Lawley unmarried Frederick John Abbott/ Hilda May Byfield -
Abbott George Joseph 69 26.7.1979 6 Wesbury Rd. South Perth unmarried William George Abbott/ Adelaide Victoria Macher -
Abbott Hilda May 65 11.12.1964 8 Acton Ave Rivervale Albert Ernest Abbott Henry William Bennett/ Elizabeth Bell no issue
Abbott James Alfred ?.12.1951 Sunset Kate Hayes Edward Hubbard/ unknown -


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