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Genealogy Programs on the Net

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Please Note: FHWA does not recommend any particular Genealogical program. Whatever you choose, make sure that the program supports the import and export of GEDCOM files.

Many of the programs listed here are used by FHWA members; have a look at the various features and select one that suits you best. Most can be purchased on line and many have trial or demo versions freely downloadable. Most of these programs have User Groups on the Internet to help solve problems and get the best out of the program.

The last survey of the Technology (previously Computer) Interest Group members showed that most members use one of the following popular programs (listed alphabetically, not in order of preference)

  • Family Tree Maker
  • Legacy Family Tree
  • Reunion for Macintosh
  • Roots Magic

Previous polls: FHWA Poll results - or here for the: Genealogy Software Use - 2015 Update - and here for the 2016 update

The Latest version of these programs are available from:-

  • Ancestral Quest: www.ancquest.com A versatile genealogy program ideal for the beginner and yet powerful enough for the most advanced genealogist. An unregistered 60-day trial version is available on-line.  
  • Brother's Keeper: www.bkwin.org This shareware program will help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports. BK6 works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista. There is no charge to download BK so try it out.
  • Clooz: www.clooz.com Described as an electronic filing cabinet. You can download the programme or a demo version.  
  • Custodian Software: www.custodian3.co.uk A series of databases with pre-defined forms for the Family Historian to store genealogical information.
  • Ezitree Family History Software: www.ezitree.com.au An Australian program.
  • Family Historian: www.family-historian.co.uk This UK designed program has all the standard diagrams plus you can design your own, based on templates. The Unique ‘All Relatives’ Diagram selects all relatives of the same type (e.g. all first cousins, all second cousins, etc). 
  • Family Tree Maker: www.mackiev.com/ftm/ With many charts as well as providing the tools and step-by-step wizards to create quality family books and personal home pages.
  • Family Tree SuperTools: www.whollygenes.com/supertools.htm Described as an add-on works directly with many of the programs listed here. Check details on their website. 
  • Genbox: www.genbox.com This all-round program produces superb charts and is becoming very popular in the US. Free trial available. 
  • Hereditree Family Tree Software: www.heridtree.com   Navigation screen shows 5 generations at once, good for visual thinkers.  
  • Kith & Kin Pro: www.spansoft.org (was previously known as Of That Ilk in Australia, but now available as Kith & Kin in Aust.) Spansoft are Shareware suppliers. They also handle Treedraw v3 and TreeDraw Legacy edit v3 and other items. You can download the latest versions and register on line.  
  • Legacy Family Tree Website: www.legacyfamilytree.com  The Standard Edition can be downloaded free from the Internet or you can purchase Legacy Family Tree Deluxe. The new Deluxe Edition of Legacy has many new and exciting features, including much improved charting. Downloads: www.legacyfamilytree.com/Download.asp
  • Relatively Yours: relativelyyours.com An Australian program. You can download trial version 3 or updates for registered users. 
  • Reunion: (for Macintosh) www.leisterpro.com Download a free demo and/or upgrade to the latest version. Superior software, only available for the Mac.
  • RootsMagic: www.rootsmagic.com This program is the natural successor to Family Origins. It is designed by the original programming team of Family Origins and is as easy to use. A free downloadable demo is available. 


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