About the TMG Group


sigmastgWe would like to  invite members using The Master Genealogist genealogical program to join our user group and attend our meetings. If you are considering this advanced program for entering your genealogical data, please come along to discuss and view the many features of TMG (as it is commonly known).

We will be demonstrating via the WAGS data projector at our meetings and this is a decided advantage for transmitting the many features of this top level program. Neil Bradley is our specialist demonstrator but many of our members have been using the program for many years and contribute to our discussions.

So come along and we’ll be happy to help where we can with any queries you may have. We would particularly like to hear from people in regional areas using the program. We currently have over 25 people in our user group membership and hope we can reach out to many more WAGS or affiliated members this year.


1.  TMG Interest Group Forum

If you would like an answer to a burning question on any aspect of TMG, post your question on the WAGS TMG Forum . One our members will answer as soon as possible.

WAGS Members are already registered for the forum and just need to log in to post a message. Members of the public are also welcome, but need to register before being able to post, read the Forum FAQ's to find out how.



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