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About the Scottish Group

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The Scottish Special Interest Group was formed to help members with their Scottish research.


Meetings are held quarterly on designated Sundays in February, May, August and November with starting times of 2pm. All our meetings are held at May St Bayswater. We invite all WAGS members who have an interest in Scotland and Scottish resources to come along, bringing your questions and research successes. With the range of experience amongst the Group, you can look forward to interesting and informative sessions.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are conducted from time to time according to requests from our Group participants.

Newsletter: The Scottish Forum

Our group newsletter aims to provide up to date genealogical news from within the Group, WA, Australia and in Scotland.  We're always open to suggestions, and especially submissions. Country members are particularly invited to send in articles or general research questions. Back copies are available below, in PDf format. Drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Contacts & next meeting SCT

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9sct << Click flag to go to WAGS Scottish Forum


Convenor:        Karen Tregenza

Email:                  SIGS Contacts - Convenors - Scottish SIG

Next Meeting/s - Have a look at:


 All meetings start at 2.00 pm and are normally held at our May Street Research Centre. Some meetings may be conducted online. Check Events Calendar for details or use this link to book your attendance https://www.trybooking.com/BOUUR

 Meeting Dates for 2022

Sunday, 20 February 2022 - Cancelled

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Sunday, 21 August 2022

Sunday, 20 November 2022


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Websites for Scottish Research

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Scotlands People - A Pay to use Site with BMD registrations, Old Parish Records, Catholic Registers, Valuation Rolls, Census, and Wills and Testaments. A "must use" for any Scottish researcher. 

NEW March 2021- The long awaited Kirk Session records are now available on Scotland's People and are free to view. If a page is downloaded to be saved, this will cost 2 credits through Scotland's People or 1$ at FHWA library. A guide on how to access these is available at Scotland's People web site. 

Scotland's Places - this site now offers free access to collections of historical tax rolls, ordnance survey name books, 1st and 2nd edition 6-inch and 25-inch OS map series and a range of archaeological and historical monument data. Tax rolls include volumes such as Land Tax (1645-1831), Hearth Tax (1641-1695), Horse Tax (1785-1798), Window Tax (1748-1798) and many more.

The Scottish Genealogy Society - based in Edinburgh, helps with research into Scottish family and local history. Run by volunteers, they can advise you at all stages in your research.

ScotsFind - Scottish Genealogy - produces computer-searchable genealogical databases from old Scottish records. Access to all databases is free. ScotsFind.org website is down and has been for a while, but in the meantime you can access the information from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine cached version here: ScotsFind Internet Archive

Statistical Accounts of Scotland - covering the 1790s and the 1830s, these Accounts are based largely on information supplied by each parish church minister, the original (First) Statistical Account and the New (Second) Statistical Account provide a rich record of a wide variety of topics: wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people.

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Scottish Group Newsletter

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The Scottish Forum

Past editions of the WAGS Scottish Special Interest Group quarterly newsletter - The Scottish Forum, author Ian Scott, are available to download below (in PDF Format).

More recent editions of The Scottish Forum will be made available from time to time, so please check back for an update. 

2021 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No 107 - February 2021136.63 KB

2020 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No 106 - November 2020208.38 KB

pdfScottish Forum No 105 - May 2020154.34 KB

pdfScottish Forum No 104 - February 2020104.75 KB

2019 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No 103 - November 2019223.15 KB

pdfScottish Forum No 102 - May 2019209.94 KB

2018 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No.101 - August 2018160.14 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.100 - May 2018181.81 KB

2017 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No.99 - Nov 201767.23 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.98 - May 201730.45 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.97 - February 201739.65 KB

2016 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No.96 - November 2016.pdf41.88 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.95 - August 2016.pdf34.22 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.94 - May 2016.pdf149.78 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.93 - February 2016161.41 KB

2015 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No.92 - November 2015137.78 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.91 - August 2015

pdfScottish Forum No.90 - May 2015215.37 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.89 - February 2015174.76 KB

2014 Editions

pdfScottish Forum No.88 - November 2014153.49 KB

pdfScottish Forum No.87- August 2014176.81 KB

2010 Editions

pdfThe Scottish Forum No.71 - September 2010 Special Edition - 11.78 KB

pdfThe Scottish Forum No.70 - August 2010 - 81.88 KB

pdfThe Scottish Forum No. 69 - May 2010 - 66.54 KB

pdfThe Scottish Forum No. 68 - February 2010 - 59.28 KB

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Scottish SIG meeting minutes

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Minutes of the Scottish Special Interest Group will be available to download (in PDF format) from here, soon after each meeting.

  November 2019

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 17 Nov 201967.53 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 18 Aug 201977.74 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 19 May 201978.9 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 17 Feb 201977.03 KB

November 2018

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 18 Nov 201877.61 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 18 Aug 201868.65 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 20 May 201871.98 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 18 Feb 201864.24 KB

November 2017

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 19 Nov 201771.13 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 20 Aug 201770.15 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 21 May 201782.84 KB

pdfScottish SIG Notes - 19 Feb 201775.25 KB

November 2016

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 2 Nov 2016100.61 KB

 pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 21 Aug 201615.77 KB

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 15 May 201664.87 KB

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 21 Feb 201653.95 KB

November 2015

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 15 Nov 201580.36 KB

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 16 Aug 201583.37 KB

pdfScottish SIG AGM Minutes - 17 May 201575.47 KB

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 15 Feb 201578.4 KB

August 2014

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 16 November 2014 215 KB

pdfScottish SIG Minutes - 17 August 201431.43 KB

pdfScottish AGM Minutes 18 May 201462.5 KB

February 2013

pdfScottish SIG minutes - 18 August 2013319.3 KB

pdfScottish SIG minutes - 19 May 2013236.29 KB

pdfScottish SIG AGM minutes - 19 May 201327.29 KB

pdfScottish SIG minutes - 17 February 2013

November 2012

pdfScottish SIG minutes - 18 November 2012

August 2011

pdfScottish SIG minutes - 21 August 201137.05 KB

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