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Irish County Research Guides

County Down Guide - Lynne Roberts 15 Jan 2017 County Fermanagh Guide - Maureen Mulligan 15 Jan 2017
County Dublin Guide - Jenni Ibrahim 15 Jan 2017 County Limerick Guide - Cheryl Hebbs 15 Jan 2017
County Galway Guide Maureen Mulligan 21 Jan 2018 
 County Mayo Guide - Peta Hayward 15 Jan 2017
County Tyrone Guide - Maureen Mulligan 15 Jan 2017  County Kilkenny Guide - Maggie Hogan 21 Jan 2018
County Unknown SIG workshop Jan 2016
County Research Guides template 15 Jan 2017


General Research Guides

Developed by members to help people new to Irish family history research.

Irish Naming Patterns Jan 2018 
Family History Records Timeline 
Finding the Irish Catholic parish  Irish SIG Tip Sheet updated July 2015      
How to find the birthplace of your Irish ancestor Jan 2016 Irish Genealogy Facebook Groups
Irish Research Guide - Elissa Livingstone Aug 2019 UPDATED Short Guide to Public Record Office of Ireland M Griffiths 1964
Republic of Ireland Research - Elissa Livingstone  


Irish Group Newsletters   

In 1992 the Irish Group decided that the people in the country and city people unable to come to the WAGS library regularly, may appreciate more information in the form of a newsletter. The first quarterly newsletter was published in February 1993.  Newsletters have been sent all over Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland and America. Until recent years this cost $10 a year. The fee is currently suspended.

Make sure you provide your contact details clearly so you can receive a copy!

We really welcome your contributions. Your success story, brickwall, photo or information may help others. To submit an item - long or short - please contact Newsletter Editors Elissa and Maureen via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Previous editions of the WAGS Irish SIG Newsletter going back to 2007 are available to download below  (in PDF Format) Get free Acrobat Reader to read PDF files here.



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