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EPG LogoThis group was established in February 2000,  as a Special Interest Group of FasmilyHistoryWA (FHWA), to recognise and research the men who formed this military unit, and their families.

The Enrolled Pensioner Force consisted of soldiers, who came to the colony of Western Australia between 1850 and 1880, most arriving during the years of Transportation as Guards on the convict ships. They were soldiers who had been discharged from Military Service, and who on discharge from the army, were awarded pensions.

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There is much to be learned and written about the role of these men and their families in the early days of Western Australia. Where might Western Australia have been without their contribution?

GravestoneFrank H. Broomhall wrote a history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia, 1850 - 1880. The book The Veterans is to this date the most informed resource for researching members of this military unit. This book is available through most libraries, and has an index of most of the Pensioner Guards, and we recommend it as a vital resource for researchers.

The book is published by Hesperian Press (WA), and is readily available.

This book may be PURCHASED from the Enrolled Pensioner Guard SIG.      

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