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The Genealogy Curmudgeon

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Latest from our Guest Blogger - They came on a boat... Small boat lost at sea: painting by C Leipold

Our Genealogy Curmudgeon is showing their frustration at the terminology used by family historians.

Short but sweet, or is that bitter...

Curmudgeons are a special breed of the human condition, generally mistaken for a grump. Family history and genealogy do not escape their attention even here in Perth Western Australia.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 22:06


WAGS Grievance Policy

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Code of Conduct scales-of-justice

WAGS Management Committee attend to numerous items in their monthly meetings, all of which is for the benefit of members.

At the November 2015 meeting the committee signed of on a new WAGS Code of Conduct and Grievance Policy which in now available on the WAGS Business page of this website.

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 December 2015 17:46


Genetic Genealogy - Interested?

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Proposed new WAGS Genetic Genealogy SIG  WAGS Genetic Genealogy SIG

Do you know who all of your genetic cousins are?

George Darwin (son of Charles) first used a surname study in 1875 to estimate the frequencey of first-cousin marriages, the results showed an incidence of 2.25% to 4.5% in the population of Great Britain.

The use of DNA test results, in combination with good archival practices, is becoming an increasingly important and valuable tool in the genealogist’s toolkit.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 January 2016 11:44


What's your story?

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The impact of a man Geoffrey Bolton ex www.abc.net.au

WAGS Blog is back up and running and while we are re-populating the blog with previous articles, we are also looking for new material.

Bloss the blogger has come to the party with a challenge for all of us (read the article here). Bloss outlines the impact that one man had in telling the history of Western Australian in particular - his advice to all was ... first of all, recall and record your own history’. What's your story?

Vale Professor Geoffrey Bolton A.O.

Last Updated on Friday, 23 October 2015 14:03


WAGS Military SIG - Underway

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Initial Military Interest Group meeting a success Bugle Call for WAGS Military Interest Group

The initial meeting of the WAGS Militiary Interest Group (MIG), held on Saturday 17th October, has resulted in a new SIG formation request being formally forwarded to the WAGS Management Committee for approval at their next meeting.

Initial SIG pages are here - WAGS Military SIG pages - The inaugural Meeting of the MIG group is scheduled for Saturday 20 February 2016 at 1:30 to 3:30. It is planned to hold quarterly meetings on the third Saturday of the months; the others for 2016 being 21 May, 20 August and 19 November.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 October 2015 17:38


Bugle Call - WAGS Military SIG

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Initial Meeting - WAGS Military Interest Group Bugle Call for WAGS Military Interest Group

There has been significant interest in forming a Military Special Interest Group that would cover any thing Military - militia, army, airforce, navy, any country, any battle, active service, peacekeeping, resistance;  service is not restricted to Australia or Western Australia, or in any specific time frame.

Most people would have someone in their family tree who has fought for their country in some capacity and finding and interpreting records can be  incredibly confusing.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 October 2015 14:15


CSO Acc36 Inwards Correspondence 1829-1830

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Colonial Secretary's Office - Inwards CorrespondencePeter Broun - Colonial Secretary 1828-1846

The CSO's inwards correspondence Letters from 1829 to June 1835 have been indexed by Graham Bown on behalf of the Western Australian Genealogical Society’s Special Interest Group, the Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838.

The letters are indexed by author and by name on our CSO Letters and Names Index page.

The items on this page are the actual letters as described in the accession Volumes 1-2 and 4-8 click the links to the respective public or members pages open the files.

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2015 22:09


Going to the Perth Royal Show 2015?

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WAGS Stand at the ShowDon't miss the WAGS exhibition - Starts tomorrowAgricultural Hall of Fame - at the Claremont Showgrounds

WAGS will be at the show in 2015 in the Agricultural Hall of Fame building (pictured here - Show Map Ref l5), just to the right of the entrance at the Showground Railway Station. Family History and Genealogy aka WAGS will be there for the full period of the show - from 26 September to 3 October Open 9am to 6pm - Special Membership Show Discount

Show Special - Join WAGS between now and 20th October and SAVE $15.00 Joining fee

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Western Ancestor - Vol. 03

Western Ancestor - Volume 3 Western Ancestor Volume 03 Number 01 - March 1985

The Western Ancestor is published quarterly in March, June, September and December of each year. Each Volume covers a three year period and consists of 12 editions. The first edition was issued in March 1979.

This page covers Volume 3, from Issue No. 01 in March 1985 through to Issue No. 12 in December 1987, giving a total of 36 editions of the journal published up to that date.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 June 2020 22:57


WAGS website hacked

WAGS website hacked = email problems WAGS Website Hacked

Folks, just to let you know we have had some trouble with a messy hack of one of our sites.This has resulted in problems with our email system which is taking some time to resolve.

So, if you wish to send an email to one of the email @ wags accounts, it may bounce and not get through to our people.

Please note: Personal details of individuals was not compromised; the perpetrators used the wags website email for their own purposes.

Please bear with us while we work on getting this fixed - will put a notice here when it is sorted.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 August 2015 14:41


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