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A Catalogue of Librarians

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Local Studies Librarians visit WAGSDewey Librarian

What is the collective noun for Librarians?

There are many suggestions: a book, a catalogue, a chapter, a collection, a dewey, an index, a quiet, a shelf, a shoosh, a whisper, and anything in between. We hope to find out on Tuesday (19 November) when the Local Studies Librarians from around Perth visit WAGS for their regular meeting, and an exploration of the WAGS Family History and Genealogy Library.

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Have you met Alice?

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Alice is waiting to meet you! Alice is waiting!

Wednesday November 20 2013 - 10:00 am to 12:30

Our Library Catalogue - affectionally known as Alice - will be revealed in all her glory at the WAGS Orientation Day.

Orientation Days are open to all members. New members are especially welcome, but any "old" members wanting a refresher are also welcome to come and get a refresher on what resources are available to help you with your family history research.

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HO19 Registers

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HO19 - Registers of Criminal PetitionsPrison Hulk York

Many Western Australian convicts are mentioned in these registers and petitions. We are indebted to WAGS past president and member of the Convict Special Interest Group, Bevan Carter for photographing the original registers, and also to The National Archives (UK), for approval to make these images available in the Members Only Area (MOA) of the WAGS website. 

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WA Churches and Cemeteries

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WA Church & Cemetery Geo-Location MapsAustralia Glode

We have uploaded new data in Google Earth maps. These maps are available to the public.

Geo-locations of Western Australian Churches, particularly pioneer churches, are one one map, and the other map covers Western Australian Cemeteries and burial sites. Want to see where your pioneers were matched or dispatched, have a look here. For hatched you may have to look elsewhere, but the maps might help with baptism church locations. 

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Pudding Lane Fly Through

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17th Century London animation17th Century London

A group of Game Art Design students in Leicester have produced a great animation of 17th Century London using old city maps as a reference point. See link below...

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Spotlight on - Find and Connect

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WAGS Associate Member Find and ConnectFind and Connect

Members of Wags who spent time in out-of home care as children, or are related to people who were in out-of-home care as children,can now get free federally funded help.

Find & Connect operates from "Lanterns" 25 Southport Street, Weste Leederville (opposite Relationships Australia) on Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm.

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WAGS Bookshop Online

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We are up and runningtn wlbshop

After a few false starts, some gnashing of teeth and much pulling of hair, our Online Bookshop is now up and running - Well done!

Many thanks to Margaret & Lyn for their perseverance and hard work in getting things on the move. It ain't over yet, and there are still things to be done, but there are now books available to purchase through the online bookshop.

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Bring out your living!

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Migration from S.E. AsiaWA Immigration Poster

Archivist Marjorie Bly, from the National Australian Archives Perth office, will be giving a talk on Immigration to Australia from South East Asia and the records available in the national archives.

Marjorie will be at the WAGS India & South East Asian Special Interest Group (ISEA SIG) meeting: 10:30 on Saturday 26 October, in Unit 4 at WAGS Bayswater premises.

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Bring out your dead!

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Lost Souls - Irish SIG's DemandBring out your dead

Great opportunity for those lost souls in Ireland to be found at the WAGS Irish SIG meeting on Sunday 20 October. Bring out your dead - to the Irish research meeting, 14:00,  Unit 4 , WAGS Bayswater. Click here for - WAGS Irish SIG information pages

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Uniting Church Archives

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Mix & Mingle - WA Church RecordsSt Andrew's Church Perth

Uniting Church Archivist Sheena Hesse has a great story to tell about the work that she, and her band of volunteers, undertake in preserving and making available the vast number of records that are in the Uniting Church Archives.

Thursday 31 October @ 19:00, WAGS Unit 4, Bayswater - see WAGS Event Calendar - Don't miss this opportunity to discover what is available in the UC archives.

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