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News > From the President - Mar 2013

From the President - Mar 2013

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1. Message from WAGS President

As the WAGS Financial Year draws to a close it is a perfect opportunity for me to remind members about Membership Renewals and also about some of the exciting progress that we have achieved with our Website and On-line Membership System.

Please be aware that all new members now have their membership renewals due on the anniversary of their joining. For members who joined prior to 2011/12 their membership anniversary is April 1st. Hence for most members renewals are due at the beginning of April.

Members can check and update their membership status and details on-line under the "My Profile" menu item, once logged in. Login by entering your username and password in the top right hand corner of the webpage, if you have forgotten your username or password there are options to have them reset on-line. However, if your email address in the system is incorrect then your will need to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and one of the system administrators will email you details of your username and a temporary password (please change your password when you first use the system). Members without an email address can still access the on-line system, please contact the membership team for details. If you wish they can set an initial combination of username and password for you. If you forget your password you will have to ask the membership team to reset it for you.

Once you have gained access to the Membership System please click on “Update Your Profile” where you will be able to review/change your username, password, email address, street mail address, phone number/s and the numbers of raffle books that you are happy to sell (thanks). You can also check to see that your name has been spelled correctly and that we have your preferred name recorded. Don’t forget to hit the Update button on the bottom left of the screen. Please also update the Volunteering and Interest Groups Tabs. The Membership tab will have details of when your current membership is due to expire. Your address sheet insert for The Western Ancestor will also show when your membership is renewed to.

While you are in the Membership System take the opportunity to check out the WAGS Forum (just click on “Forums” on the menu bar) and also the Membership pages (“Membership” on the menu bar) where you can look at Members Only data or Renew your membership on-line.
If you wish to renew on-line, you need to update your cart (scroll down the screen from the Join and Renew Option) with either Single or Joint Membership Renewal. When you hit “checkout” the system allows you to choose to pay either via Direct Debit or by Pay Pal. Note that the Pay Pal option also allows you to pay by credit card without having a Pay Pal account. If you choose to pay off-line then please make sure that you update your renewal form with your correct email address (neatly) and also how many raffle ticket books you are willing to sell to help with the Library resources.

The Society has introduced yellow plastic Membership Cards with a Barcode. To use the Library you will soon need to have your card scanned so the system can confirm your membership status (We haven’t finalised the software yet, so the sign-in book will still be used for the time being). Have you visited the Library this year? If not, come and see the revamped Unit 6 which is proving to be a much more efficient and user-friendly research area than before. Approximately 800 CDs have been placed in our Electronic Data Retrieval system to make your research more streamlined and less time consuming.

Are you aware that in the past year, two of our Special Interest Groups have expanded their areas of research? The South West European SIG is now the European SIG and London and Home Counties SIG is now London and South of England SIG. Check out their information on our website.

This is an opportune time to inform you that I will not be re-nominating for the President’s position. My family commitments and changes of priorities in my life mean that I cannot give sufficient time to this position. There are members out there who can adequately take on this role.

Start thinking and planning. Please contact me if you want to know more about the role of the President.

I urge you to consider nominating for the Management Committee at the June Annual General Meeting. There will be a number of vacant positions and it is important that you think about your activities in WAGS and commit yourself to moving beyond your own research environment. The Volunteers Coordinator position is another position which needs to be filled.

There is also a lot happening at www.wags.org.au

Graham Bown


March 2013

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