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Protect your online legacy

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cig 17-12 WillGetting your affairs in order - your 2018  challenge

You've made your Will, you say.  The house, the car, the books, the family albums are all clearly designated for distribution.  Your executors are chosen, your Will is in a safe place.

But what about your online presence? 

"We all have one these days," said Jenni Ibrahim, Convenor of WAGS Irish SIG.  "Email accounts, Facebook, photos on your phone.  Have you made provision for them? Who will responsible for closing them down?  What about your online family tree comprising years of hard work?"

Jenni was speaking at the December meeting of the Computer Special Interest Group, presenting a unusual gift to WAGS members.

Australian laws lag behind those overseas. There is no protection for your online world after you die.  Different platforms have their own policies, and may restrict your family, or executors of your will from closing down accounts or collecting up your digital photographs.

So it's New Year, and time for resolutions.

Jenni has put together two useful documents for WAGS members. Digital genealogical and estate planning sets out a road map for you to protect your digital legacy.  LIFE Personal affairs record book is a template for recording your personal affairs.  WAGS members can access them here.

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