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Geni Software Poll Apr 2016

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Have Your Say in our Geni Software Poll for 2016 Vote

The last time we did a poll of who was using what Genealogy Software was in Feb 2015, and before that in Jan 2012.

Since our last Poll there has been quite a bit of movement in the Geni Software industry. There is yet more online activity and new options, Ancestry.com announced the discontinuation of the popular Family Tree Maker and then that they had sold it and it is resurrected, other popular proprietary software programs have become defunct, and there is yet more change in our use of operating systems with more Mac and Linux users around. So, we are taking a fresh look at what is being used in 2016 by users of the WAGS website - not just members, so anyone can enter their preferred option into the poll.

Now on the front page of WAGS website (on the left under the menu bar) - please let us know what you are using.

We will leave it up for a few weeks.

WAGS Geni software poll 2016 results are here

Last Updated on Sunday, 10 April 2016 17:51

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