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2016 Top 100 Genealogy Websites

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WAGS gets honourable mention GenealogyInTime 2016 Top 100 Websites - WAGS Mentioned

Well we didn't make the top 100 Genealogy Websites by GenealogyInTime Magazine this year, mind you the competition has hotted up quite a lot and the beheamouths have made it more difficult to get into the topslots, but we did crack a mention in the Genealogy Websites Worth Knowing.

For our society to be mentioned again in the same category as some of the biggest names in Genealogy is still a great result and testament to the hard work that our contributors put into the WAGS website.

Link to the full article and further details below...

To quote from GenealogyInTime Magazine;


Genealogy Websites Worth Knowing

Finally, we would like to talk about some genealogy websites worth knowing. These are websites that just missed the cut for the Top 100 List. Some of these websites have been on the list in past years; others seem to always be just beyond the cut-off year after year. We have a soft spot for many of these websites because most have been around for years faithfully serving the genealogy community.

This year, we thought we would give a shout out to these websites, as shown in the table below.

 GenealogyInTime 2016 Top100 Websites - WAGS mentioned





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