DNA - Neanderthals in your family?

Spoilt - Two WAGS DNA events in March Neanderthal family in a cave - Image ex ABC News article, click to view

The WAGS DNA SIG is meeting this coming Saturday (March 5th) and there is a DNA workshop on Tuesday March 22nd.

Are there any Neanderthals in your family? Studies have found that there is Neanderthal DNA tucked away in the human genome, but there is now evidence that there is Human DNA in Neanderthals as well.

Our two events may not cover these issues, but there is a lot to know about how DNA can help in our family as well as our social history, see topics below...

DNA SIG - Thomas Vandeveldt, founder of the VOC (Dutch East Indies) Historical Society, will speak about how DNA has been used to test the theory that Dutch survivors of the Zuytdorp in 1712 mixed with the local Nhanda people of the Murchison region.

DNA worksop - DNA tests for family history - Mike Murray - We all have two Family Trees - one that we can build up from family stories and genealogical records, and another that’s hidden within your DNA.

Above image from ABC News website item by Jennifer Viegas - Neanderthals had human DNA too, suggesting Homo sapiens left Africa earlier than thought. An interesting read.

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