Unscrambling Eggs

WAGS CIG Unscrambling Eggs

Saturday 13 February 2016 at 11:00 to 13:00

Topic: Chaos, Clusters, Neural Networks, Family Trees, Story Telling and Unscrambling Genealogy Eggs.

Sounds interesting eh!

Come along and see what these things have in common and how you can put a theme and little used tool to good use.

We will also have a look at what's happening in the genealogy world, other good stuff + how you can deal with scam emails.

Newcomers welcome!

Come along and support the WAGS CIG.

As well as a selection of fascinating new and interesting snippets from the world of computers and genealogy.

Newbies welcome + open discussion on various topics of interest to genealogists & family historians, including genealogy computer programs and websites of interest.

Suggestions and discussion is very welcome, bring your problems along, preferrably documented so we can see what has (or has not) been done, and hopefully supply a solution.See you there, especially if you bring cake!


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