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WAGS website hacked

WAGS website hacked = email problems WAGS Website Hacked

Folks, just to let you know we have had some trouble with a messy hack of one of our sites.This has resulted in problems with our email system which is taking some time to resolve.

So, if you wish to send an email to one of the email @ wags accounts, it may bounce and not get through to our people.

Please note: Personal details of individuals was not compromised; the perpetrators used the wags website email for their own purposes.

Please bear with us while we work on getting this fixed - will put a notice here when it is sorted.

One would have to ask why people do this - Answer is - Because they can. They have no respect for other people nor the work that they do.

We are one of thousands of websites that get hacked in any given week; they found a hole to climb into and wreak their havoc.

We are working fixing the problem & closing the hole. Not Happy Jan...

Last Updated on Monday, 10 August 2015 14:41

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