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Find the Wookie in your family

Finding your family - The truth is out there ...  Ben O'Shea is really Chewbacca in disguise
August is Family History Month

WAGS can help you discover all sorts of connections you didn't know existed

You might remember our friends at Inside Cover of The West Australian giving us at WAGS a bit of cheek last year, to which we responded with an article on the "Inside Coverup" editor having connections to the Skywalker family, but more directly to the Chewbacca Wookie family.

It appears that the erstwhile editor of Inside Cover Ben O'Shea, commonly referred to as Benbacca, really does have connections to Luke Skywalker via the Chewbacca Wookie family...

As we WAGS are in the know and well aware that "the truth is out there..." doing some recent follow up research as part of Family History Month research we have found direct family links for Ben O'Shea, backed up by a photo for the "Inside Coverup" family album.

Our Family History Month endeavours have unearthed a family portrait to go with the studio portrait (shown above) of Ben O'Shea from 2014, courtesy of our undercover agents at The West.

Below is the family portrait recently uncovered, along with a pictorial family tree with Ben's Wookie and Chewbacca connections -

Nice photo Ben...


Recent Wookie family reunion photo

(Benbacca, 2nd left in back row - no sign of Chewbacca)

Wookiee family reunion photo


Wookie family tree

(Benbacca at bottom left is a distant cousin of Chewbacca)

Wookiee family tree

The truth is out there...

Proof is in the finding

WAGS experts can help you find your family tree connections

We know where to look....


Thanks to Ben O'Shea for his kind permission for WAGS to use his family portrait and family tree photos.

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