Mapping the Men

Maps tell a story - The 11Bn Original Enlistments 11th Battalion original enlistments, places of birth

We know that the men who made up the original enlistments of the 11th Battalion in Western Australia came from all over the world, but it's not until you see their places of birth on a map that it hits home just how far flung their birth places were.

This is one of 3 maps that we have added to the 11th Battalion website. Makes interesting viewing.

The 3 maps cover the enlistment places, birth places, and next of kin (NOK) locations.

We will be adding addition maps and statistics to the website as material becomes available.

Thanks are due to WAGS member John Blackburn for his behind the scenes work to make these maps available.

Click here to view the Maps on the WAGS 11th Battalion Website


Last Updated on Friday, 25 July 2014 16:40