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May the Fourth be with you....

Our friends at The West Australian have given WAGS a couple of free plugs in the recent past, for which we are grateful.

One article in tragic circumstances, when the Fremantle Dockers bombed out of the finals in September last year, was classic (see below). The second article on 22nd April this year was highlighting WAGS success, as opposed to the Dockers lack of same (see below).

There was a suggestion, by the editor of Inside Cover Ben O'Shea (photos attached), that we should add a section devoted to the other WAGS ..."that's not too much to ask, right?". Well, a section is a bit much but we can reciprocate with an article in our News section. So we have done the right thing and taken up the challenge. Is it true that Ben is related to Luke Skywalker? ...

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           The Dockers tragedy - Sept 2013                                       v's                                                                  WAGS Success - March 2014

WAGS in The West Australian - Inside Cover September 22, 2013 WAGS in The West Australian - Inside Cover - April 22, 2014   WAGS Website in Sept 2013

WAGS Website Purple rainThe Challenge - The Other WAGS

Our friend Ben asked that we add a section to our website devoted to the other WAGS ..."that's not too much to ask, right?"

Well, sorry Ben it is a bit much, but here we are with an article devoted to another type of wag, (with apologies to The West, cartoonist Alston & Lucas Films)

WAGS - The West Australian, Alston cartoon featuring Ben O'Shea in disguise

 Ben O'Shea is really Chewbacca in disguise


Star Wars Day

It appears that our friend Ben is also a bit of a Star Wars tragic, as well as a fashionista, and he recently put out a call to readers for suggestions on how he should dress for Star Wars Day on May the 4th.

We have received a recent photo of Ben, courtesy of our undercover agents at The West, and while he is a master of disguise, it is now confirmed that Ben is not Lukes' sister and should appear as his real self, Chewbacca, from May 4th.


Skywalker Family Tree


The Skywalker Family Tree

Can't quite make Ben out in this family tree, but he is bound to be there, probably in another disguise ...
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May the 4th be with you...



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