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A new place to ask questionsWAGS Private Forum

With the revamp of the FHWA Forums we have added a new Section for "Members Only Forums" within the FHWA Forums.

This new Section is a closed Forum; it is not available to, nor can it be seen by the public or people who are just registered on the website. It is only for use by FHWA members, including Institutional & Affiliate members, who log in to the website. Members must be logged in to view and post to the categories within this section.

Available at: http://membership.wags.org.au/forum  Please read the following info...

This section of the FHWA Forums is provided to enable members to post which might not be appropriate within a public forum.

Members should still follow good forum practice by not providing private details about living people, such as telephone numbers or private addresses.

Family History and Genealogy issues can be freely discussed in the Members Only Forum.

Please note: Due to the reconfiguration of the Forums, if you want to receive notification of messages (posts), you will have to "Subscribe" to topics again, or you can use the "RSS" feed at the bottom of the Forum Page to get all new messages via RSS feed.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 November 2019 15:12

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