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Lonely Graves - Update Jan '14

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WA History in the makingLG-WALKER Roy Lionel

Have you had a look at our WA Lonely Graves website yet?

The website has been going ahead in leaps and bounds, thanks to some hard working WAGS members beavering away in the background. We have now uploaded 420+ images for surnames from each of the letters in the alphabet (except for the X's, Y's and Z's for which we do not have any images).

There are some great images of burial sites and headstones there, including the terrific image shown here of the Lonely Grave of Roy Walker at Argyle in the Kimberlies, taken by Barbara Walker in 2007.

Do you have any ancestors with the following names, if so there may be an image of interest to you here. See list of surnames & links to their pages below...

WAGS - Lonely Graves of Western Australia. Click on the link at left, or that alphabetic links below to go to that page and see the photos:

A’s 1-15:  Abotomey, Adams, Ah Kong, Allum, Ameer, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Ashton, Apsinall, Auburn,

B’s 1-15:  Bagley, Bailey, Bandijim, Banhan, Barkas, Barr, Barron, Barry, Baxter, Behrenbeck, Bell + McPhee,

C’s 1-15:  Caddy, Calder, Cameron, Campbell, Carmody, Carnaby, Carroll, Chapman, Chearnley, Chidlow,

D’s 1-15:  Dale, Dalisai, Darcy, Davey, Davidson, Davies, Day, Deacon, De Pierres, Durack

E’s 1-10:  Eastow, Edkins, Ellitson, Elsegood, Ericson, Essex, Evans (Currently only 7 “E” surnames & 10 images available)

F’s 1-15:  Fairbridge, Farley, Farmer, Fawcett, Feely, Fennell, Fielding, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick

G’s1-15:  Gale, Gallop, Gardener, Gardiner, Garland, Gausten, George, Gibbs, Gilba, Giles, Glanfield, Glashen, Gnowee, Gooch

H’s 1-15:  Habgood, Hackett, Hale, Hall, Halligan, Halstead, Halvorsen, Hamersley, Hansen, Hanson, Harbordt

I’s 1-7:  Irvine, Irwin, Isaacs, Ives (Currently only 4 “I” surnames & 7 images available)

J’s 1-20:  Jackamarra, Jasper, Jeffrey, Jemidar, Jilba, Johnson, Johnston, Jones (Currently only 8 “J” surnames & 20 images available)

K’s 1-21:  Kachy, Keaney, Keen, Keevil, Kennedy, Kenney, Kewley, Kiesewetter, Kiffen-Petersen, King, Kirkpatrick, Knibbs, Kolodzeit + Barron, McCoy, McGill (Currently only 13 “K” surnames & 21 images available - Includes 2 remote Police burial sites; Sgt. Keen & Trooper Knibbs)

L’s 1-21:  Lacy, Lahiff, Lamb, Langmid, Langridge, Landsell, Larking, Lawson, Learmonth, Lee, Lee-Court, Leeder, Leeson, Lefroy, Lelbach + McKinley, May Smith

M’s 1-18:  Macale, Mack, Madden, Maguire, Mahomed, Mahomet, Mahoney, Markey, Marsh

Mc’s 1-18:  MacCabe, McCaskill, McCauley, McCloud, McCormack, McCorry, McCoy, McDaniel, McDonald, McGill, McGlade, McGuiness, McIvor + Bardwell, Chapman, Kennedy, Kolodzeit

N’s 1-11:  Nestor, Ningham, Nobili, Nooy, Nordstrom, North, Norwood

O’s 1-21:  Oakley, O’Brien, O’Donnell, O’Donohue, O’Driscoll, Ogilvie, O’Kane, Oliver, O’Neil, Orn, O’Sullivan + Sutherland – (Currently only 11 “O” surnames & 21 images available)

P’s 1-21:  Parsley, Pascoe, Pavy, Paxton, Payne, Pearce, Peel, Peppuell, Penberthy, Perry, Philbin, Philchowski, Phillips, Pierce, Piggott + Ayrton, Hogan, King, Smith, Williams

Q’s 1-3:  Quigley + Davis

R’s 1-22:  Richardson, Raunio, Reading, Reddy, Rees, Rix, Robb, Ross, Robin, Robustelli, Ronngren, Rowbothan, Rutter – Behrenbeck, Cuff,

S’s 1-28:  Salkeld, Sandilands, Saul, Savory, Saw, Scanlon, Schell, Schwan, Scott, Seddick, Shadforth, Sharp, Sharpe, Sutherland, Sheen – Colbert, O’Donnell, Timms,

T’s 1-22:  Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thorpe, Timms, Tobias, Tobin, Toomath, Townsend, Tracey, True, Tugova, Tulloch – Schwan, Shoesmith

U’s 1-5:  Underwood, Ure

V’s 1-3:  Van Tour (or Van Truo), Vines

W’s 1-24:  Waladua, Waldeck, Walker, Wallgreen, Wansborough, Warren, Waterman, Watharrie, Watson, Wells, Welman, Weston, Wetherall, White

X’s, Y’s, Z’s: We do not have any Lonely Grave or Burial sites for X, Y or Z surnames. If we receive any images for these surname initials they will be added to the site.


Check out whether there is any link to your family history or ancesty in the photos of Western Australian lonely graves.


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