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Four men Killed - Three Blown to PiecesField's Find Mine Explosion

12 Mine deaths in August 1899

Uploading the P's and Q's to our WA Lonely Graves website triggered a bit of research into the deaths of William PAYNE (see image here) and William QUIGLEY (see images here) who both died as a result of mining accidents in the same month and year. Quigley died on 21 August and Payne died along with 3 others in an explosion at the Field's Find Gold mine at Yalgoo 10 days later, on 31 August.

A quick search for WA newspapers in Trove for "mine death" in August 1899, revealed there was 12 deaths at WA mine sites that month.

 Mining deaths - Trove items for those reported in August 1899 (there may be others)

  • Aug 01, Wed - Tilsley, Walter - Kanowna, Golden Valley mine - Fell down a shaft; Leaves wife & 5 children
  • Aug 03, Thu - Rule, Albert James - Boulder, Great Boulder mine - Fell out of a bucket down a mine shaft; Single man, native of Victoria
  • Aug 04, Fri - Evers, Charles - Kalgoorlie, Adeline lease - Fell in a bucket to bottom of shaft, rope was unhooked; died of injuries in hospital
  • Aug 05, Sat - Lever, Thomas - Kalgoorlie, Albion lease - Fell down a shaft; Unknown origins
  • Aug 12, Sun - Gerchich (Gerich), Pedre (George Paul) - Kalgoorlie, Oroya mine - Head crushed in a mill belt; Single man aged 31yrs from Austria
  • Aug 21, Mon - Quigley, William - Leonora, Mt Stirling mine - Hit on the head by windlass handle; Unknown origins
  • Aug 24, Thu - Gorman, Dan - Menzies, Niagra mine - Teamster fell in front of waggon and rear wheel crushed his head; From New South Wales
  • Aug 29, Tue - Osmetti, Charles - Kanowna, White Feather Main Reef mine - Died from injuries received earlier when in cage falling in mine shaft; Unknown origins
  • Aug 31, Thu - Hogan, Daniel; King, Edward; Payne, William; Smith, Frederick - Yalgoo, Field's Find gold mine - Killed in dynamite explosion in mine shaft

Not a good month for miners by all accounts.

If you have images of graves for these miners, we would love to have a copy to show - email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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