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Lost Souls & Resting Places

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Loney Graves of Western AustraliaMilly Milly Station Cemetery

New WAGS Web site launch

Pioneers, adventurers, travellers, outback workers and many others have been laid to rest in lonely graves and burial places across the length and breadth of Western Australia, some in hard to access places. Resting places include Pioneer and Church yard cemeteries that bear witness to these lost souls.

Yvonne and Kevin Coate, authors of the well known "Lonely Graves of Western Australia and Burials at Sea",  have generously donated their image collection of lonely graves to WAGS to be shared with members and the public.

It is with great pleasure that we launch the new WAGS Lonely Graves of Western Australian website.

The Coate Collection contains images of many lonely graves that are no longer in existance, either due to the forces of nature, have been moved to a cemetery, or for other reasons. This unique image collection may, in some cases, hold the only readily available image recording a burial place.

WAGS thanks Yvonne and Kevin for their gracious donation and their permission for WAGS to provide access to these images.

The Lonely Graves website is in a blog style and provides the capability for people to register and then post comments on any page or post of interest.

Whilst there are many images yet to come, we also encourage people to provide images of gravesites, churchyards, pioneer cemeteries and other burial places that are not mentioned in the lists on the "Lost Souls" or "Resting Places" pages.

The WAGS - Lonely Graves of Western Australia website is a work in progress and will be updated with images and other information over time.

There are some 1,500+ images in the Coates collection and we have uploaded about 10% of these to date, so there is some way yet to go.


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