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WA Burial Data

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Western Australian Burial Data + Geolocations Map

This Members Only database is another set of data compiled by members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) and formed part of the Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI). The AGCI was originally coordinated by the Society of Australian Genealogists and sold as a CD (Ver.1).

There is 314,702 people in the table, with 27,497 surnames it covers 302 burial locations across 109 local government areas of Western Australia.

There are clickable links to Trove searches for the surname/s across Western Australian newspapers for the year mentioned.

There is clickable links to the Cemetery location, and there is a geo-location map below the table for all of the burial places mentioned in the table.

Thanks are due to WAGS volunteers for their efforts in searching out the data, Graham Bown for providing the original database, Chris Loudon and John Blackburn for providing the GIS references and updating the data.

Western Australian Burial Data + Cemetery Location maps - Members must be logged in to access the searchable database table

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