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Mix & Mingle - WA Church RecordsSt Andrew's Church Perth

Uniting Church Archivist Sheena Hesse has a great story to tell about the work that she, and her band of volunteers, undertake in preserving and making available the vast number of records that are in the Uniting Church Archives.

Thursday 31 October @ 19:00, WAGS Unit 4, Bayswater - see WAGS Event Calendar - Don't miss this opportunity to discover what is available in the UC archives.

These church records date back to the early days of Western Australia and cover the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches, and the Uniting Church since amalgamation in 1977.

The records are available to the public, both at the Archives office and at the Battye Library, so that the people may understand the importance of the role of the Church, in its own right and in the context of Western Australian history.

Uniting Church Archives are open on Mondays and Fridays.

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