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WA Passenger Arrivals 1839-1890

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Filling the WA passenger arrivals gapBarque Charlotte Padbury

Western Australian Passenger Arrivals 1839-1890 Index  -  Now available to WAGS members in the MOA (Members Only Area). This database contains details of some 27,907 immigrants, including Convicts and their Guards, arriving in Western Australia from the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and other ports in Australia. 347 Vessels covering 645 voyages appear in the index. The index was compiled by volunteers of the Western Australian Genealogical Society (WAGS) from passenger arrival information held by the State Records Office and the Battye Library of Western Australian History, and includes information retrieved from various newspapers of the day.

There is an automated Trove search of contemporary Western Australian newspapers, results of which are available by clicking on the surname. There is a list of the newspapers shown in the notes on the index page under the table.

The data in this index was originally released by WAGS as a CD in 2003 which is still available for individual purchase. The data in the index is the same as the CD but now presented in a tabular manner.

We are indebited to the transcription work undertaken by WAGS members and volunteers in transcribing the material for this index, and acknowledge the work undertaken by Graham Bown and members of the Swan River Pioneers Special Interest Group of WAGS in producing the original CD.

The addition of this database to the WAGS website means that we now have passenger arrivals indexes from 1829 through to 1926, with a gap of just 7 years between  1891 and 1897. 1829 arrivals and passenger lists are available to the public, and the three databases are available to members after logging in to the website, on the following pages:

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Western Australian Passenger Arrivals 1839-1890 Index - Includes the convict ships 1850-1868

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