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WA Passenger Arrivals 1898-1926

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WA Passenger data now availableMS Westralia - abt. 1920

After years of transcription effort by WAGS members we have now made the WA Passenger Arrivals Index 1898-1926 and WA Ship Arrivals Index 1898-1926 available online to WAGS Members.

Western Australian Passenger Arrivals, 1898-1926 - This index of inward passenger arrivals at the Port of Fremantle has been compiled by members of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc., from original passenger mainfests that form part of Series K269, held by the NAA Perth Office. We are indebited to the transcription work undertaken by WAGS members and volunteers in transcribing the material for this index, and acknowledge the work undertaken by Ann Spiro and Martin Pinnell in producing the original CD. Ian Scott and Chris Loudon have undertaken additional Quality Control (QC) on the database in preparing it for publication on the WAGS website.

There are 560,209 line entries in this index, i.e. passengers recorded; some entries represent more than one passenger. Some passengers may appear more than once, either on the same ship voyage, or on separate voyages of the same ship, being regular travellers. There are entries for; Stowaways; Ships Crew (whilst generally noted as such they may appear without a notation as being crew); Crew of other ships travelling to and from their own vessel; AIF members relocating or returning home; Through Passengers, ie. they did not land at Fremantle, and were bound for other Ports; Overseas, Interstate and WA Coastal Passengers.

WA Ship Arrivals 1898-1926 Index - There is a separate page with some statistical information on the ships and passengers, and a List of Ships covered by this index: . There are 711 separate vessels named in the index; some vessels made multiple voyages within individual years, and / or over the period covered; there are 5,344 voyages accounted for the vessels in the table. Some vessels were on the Western Australian coastal trade, and made numerous trips within a year.

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