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Fremantle Cemetery

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1. Fremantle Cemetery headstones contentWA Pioneer William Adams - Headstone in Fremantle Cemetery

We are progressively adding new items into the Members Only area of the WAGS website as part of our ongoing commitment to provide WAGS members with quality data, mainly, but not exclusively, of Western Australian nature.

The latest item in our Indexes and Databases is an index of Fremantle Cemetery headstones. This data was originally compiled by WAGS members in the 1980's and issued on microfiche, most of the entries are up to the mid-late 1980's; it does not include data past 1990, unless members have supplied us with details.

There are some 26,000+ entries in this index.There are links attached to the surnames, which will open up a separate Trove search of the family notices in The West Australian for the surname, for the year of the death. Burial or death dates after 1954 will not have a result, as Trove only covers the years 1879-1954.

The Fremantle index is complimentary to our Karrakatta Cemetery headstone index, which has been available for a few months now. The Karrakatta index has some 97,300+ entries.

We encourage members to send us headstone photos from their own collection, which we can attach to the entries in these data tables.  

There is something for everyone in our Cemeteries. Here are some interesting observations from our Karrakatta and Fremantle headstone indexes:

Karrakatta Cemetery

Age is mentioned on 62,796 headstones

There are; 27789 mentions of Husband, 23713 Wife, 11512 Father, 11303 Mother, 9107 Parent, 5739 Daughter, 3117 Son, 3724 Brother, 2678 Sister, 1460 Grand Parent, 300 Sister in Law, and 183 Brother in Law

39 headstones were erected by, or with assistance from, the Fremantle Lumpers Union, and another 2 mention the Fremantle Waterside Workers Federation,

There are 366 Infants, 768 accidental deaths and 125 drownings

1981 AIF, 433 specific Battalions, 416 KIA's, 310 RAAF, and the Naval ships; 5 HMAS Sydney, & HMAS - Ararat, Australia, Bonthorpe, Canberra, Cerebus, Dubbo, Encounter, Leeuwin, Melbourne, Perth, Quiberon, Rushcutter, Warrego, Westralia, Winnilya, and Yarra

Fremantle Cemetery

Age is mentioned on 19,602 headstones.

There are; 5837 mentions of Husband, 4680 Wife, 2837 Fathers, 2166 Mother, 2155 Son, 2033 Parent, 1215 Daughter, 867 Brother, 509 Sister, 87 Grand Parent, 69 Sister in Law, and 36 Brother in Law

670 headstones were erected by, or with assistance from, the Fremantle Lumpers Union, and another 56 mention the Fremantle Waterside Workers Federation, being the later name of the union

There are 79 infants, 238 accidental deaths and 34 drownings

256 mention being a member of the AIF, and 375 mentions of service with a specific Battalion, 119 KIA's and 46 members of the RAAF, 5 crew members of HMAS Sydney; also crew members of HMAS Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Platypus, Protector and Yarra

Even if you don't have a family connection, it is worth a visit just for the variety of headstone transcriptions within the indexes.

Happy hunting,

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