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True or False?

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Perth was to be in

It is - True

Proposed Australian (state) divisions in 1838 had Perth in Victoria, Shark Bay and Broome in Dampieria, Darwin in Tasmania, Esperance in Nuytsland, Sydney and Melbourne in Guelphia, Brisbane in Cooksland, Townsville in Torresia, Adelaide in Flindersland, and Hobart still in Van Dieman's Land .

WA - What might have been......
"Victoria" was to be south of the 26th parallel Latitude and west of 124 Longitude
"Dampieria" north of the 26th Lat and west of 124 Long
"Tasmania" - north of 24 Lat and east of 124 Long to 132.5 Long
"Nuytsland" - south of 24 Lat and east of 124 Long to 132.5 Long

Have a look at this Historic Map from the Royal Geographical Society Volume 8, 1838, "Considerations on the Political Geography and Geographical Nomenclature of Australia by Captain Vetch, Royal Engineers, F.R.S."

There are also additional new links to Old Australian Maps in our Genealogy Links Table, look under the Maps and Gazeteers category.

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