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From The President - May 2009

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 Remembering our Mothers

I am writing this message on Mothers Day, 10th May 2009.  Mums are very special people.  This is a time to reflect, think of all the good times and be thankful for everything that our Mums have given to us.  To all Mums, we thank you for the gift of life, the love you have bestowed on us and the values you have instilled in us.

I think about two very special Mums on Mothers Day - my Mum and my Mother-in-law.  My Mum, Lucy Greene, was the person that started my interest in family history.  In the days when there were no computers and no internet, Mum wrote down what she knew about her family.  She wrote to distant relatives by snail mail (no such thing as email!) and waited patiently for a reply which sometimes took months!  She drew a family tree and copied it in purple ink on her faithful spirit duplicator (no such thing as a photocopier!).  Mum was so proud of her family (she had 3 sisters and 8 brothers) and in her later years she organised family gatherings.  I have numerous cousins and we still have these reunions. 

My Mum wrote a ten page story about her life.  She wrote about personal things that happened and how she felt about different events.  I treasure her handwritten story.  After Mum died I purchased my first genealogy program and started recording the family details so Mum's work wouldn't be lost and could be passed down the generations.  It inspired me to begin researching, later I joined WAGS and have found so much about our family - Mum would be so pleased.

My mother-in-law, Tine Fitzpatrick, is also a very special person in my life.  Tine didn't know very much about her family.  She was born in Sumatra and lived in Penang before coming to WA in 1947.  It was a hard time for her during the war and she very rarely spoke of her early life.  She was a fabulous cook and two years ago I produced a book of her recipes, Grandma Fitz's Recipes.  While compiling this book we chatted a lot about her early family life and I was able to find out information that she had not previously told us.  I then included a brief life story in the recipe book.  Tine died in May last year and I am so grateful I had this time with her and was able to produce a book that can be handed down the generations.

While remembering your Mum take some time to think about the other Mums that went before her.  These people are all part of our heritage and have helped to form us.  Remember how wonderful you felt when you discovered some personal details about your ancestors.  Think about leaving something personal for your children and their children.  Write down some memories or start your life story and know that future generations will be glad to know a little more about your daily life.  Why not get started now before it is too late.

Until next time, good luck with your research.

Liana Fitzpatrick

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