Events cancelled from 15 March 2020

All events scheduled to be held in Unit 4 will be cancelled immediately, for a period of one month, at which time this decision will be reviewed.

2.  Meetings of small groups such as FHWA committees and bookings for working sessions by volunteers can continue with the concurrence of each committee or group.

3. Any Fees already paid for a booked event that has been cancelled or the member decides to withdraw from will be refunded.  

4. Events and meetings held in Unit 4 can involve large gatherings of participants often reaching the rated capacity for the room bringing participants unavoidably close together. FHWA therefore cannot offer the level of protection to participants it considers appropriate in the current situation.

5. The Library and FHWA Resource Centre will remain open at the advertised hours.The Library and Resource Centre hosts small numbers of patrons allowing safe working distances and hygiene practices to manage risk. The FHWA COVID-19 Statement issued 12 March 2020 remains and visitors are requested to follow this strictly.

6. FHWA has made these decisions in the best interests of protecting the health of its members,
volunteer workers and patrons, while maintaining some business continuity.

FHWA has prepared a Response to COVID-19 document that provides more detail about our response to this situation.

Tony Turner
President FamilyHistoryWA


Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 11:07