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Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia - the list

Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia

Every FamilyHistoryWA Interest Group member and all other volunteers and contributors should be very proud of being able to publish the results of the Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia Project.

This was a collaborative project led by PLC Archivist and FHWA member Shannon Lovelady involving private and departmental contributors, research volunteers, all of whom helped to gather the data; one brilliant web master who presented it, and members of an international medical panel who assessed medical files forensically and helped assess a soldier’s eligibility.

Because everyone involved was so dedicated, this project was successfully achieved well ahead of the centenary of the Anzac Landing. We now know 1023** West Australian soldiers died as a result of their service at Gallipoli, a campaign that began with the Anzac Landing of 25 April 1915 and ended with the final evacuation on 20 December 1915, after the campaign’s futility was realised.

See further notes, explanations and acknowledgements below the table.

Surname, Given Names Rank Service No. Regiment/Battalion Where Born Where Enlisted Death Age
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AARONS Maurice Lewis PTE 2281 16 BN Carlton, Vic Broome, WA 34
ABBOTT Harold Henry PTE 1138 24 BN Armadale, Vic Broadmeadows, Vic 23
ADCOCK Frank Henry Burton PTE 394 11 BN Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England Helena Vale, WA 24
ADCOCK Frederick Brenckley PTE 1044 11 BN Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England Blackboy Hill, WA 21
AINSWORTH Jack PTE 1451 16 BN South Melbourne, Vic Blackboy Hill, WA 22
ALDRED Herbert Wright PTE 238 16 BN Berkshire, England Nanga Brook, WA 25
ALEXANDER Donald PTE 206 28 BN Albany, WA Bunbury, WA 25
ALLEN John Arthur PTE 269 11 BN Kingston-on-Thames, England Geraldton, WA 21
ALLEN William Vincent SGT 746 11 BN Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, England Geraldton, WA 25
ALLERY Henry Thomas PTE 396 11 BN Dover, England Helena Vale, WA 35


** The project is complete but will not be closed, as those who fought for other Forces are still accepted for examination by submission. Similarly, for those deemed ineligible due to lack of any ties to WA, I am happy to be presented with proof and if necessary, re-examine their eligibility.

Making Sense of the Results

The parameters of the project were that each one of these men must have:
•    been born or enlisted in WA; or
•    lived in WA for some time; and
•    died from wounds received or illness contracted at Gallipoli between 25 April 1915 and 31 August 1921 (the official Commonwealth War Graves Commission end date for consideration as war dead).

Casualties by Battalion/Regiment

The largest casualties were suffered by the 11th Battalion, followed by the 16th Battalion, the 10th Light Horse Regiment and 28th and 12th Battalions, all those raised wholly or partly in WA.

But the soldiers in the Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia project came from a wide range of units raised all over Australia. The State(s) in which each unit was raised is in brackets. Casualties per unit, in order of magnitude, correspond as below.

Regiment / Battalion Deaths
11th Battalion (WA) 350
16th Battalion (WA and SA) 320
10th Light Horse Regiment (WA) 161
12th Battalion (Tas, WA, SA) 54
28th Battalion (WA) 52
Australian Field Artillery Brigade 16
Australian Army Medical Corps 9
Australian Engineers 9
1st Battalion (NSW) 5
3rd Battalion (NSW) 5
4th Battalion (NSW) 4
6th Battalion (Vic) 4
7th Battalion (Vic) 4
2nd Battalion (NSW) 4
10th Battalion (SA) 3
14th Battalion (Vic) 3
15th Battalion (Qld and Tas) 3
5th Battalion (Vic) 2
8th Battalion (Vic) 2
13th Battalion (NSW) 2
26th Battalion (Qld) 2
9th Light Horse Regiment (SA, NSW and Vic) 2
Royal Marines 2
Australian Army Service Corps 1
9th Battalion (Qld) 1
18th Battalion (NSW) 1
24th Battalion (Vic) 1
7th Light Horse Regiment (NSW) 1

1915 Deaths per Month

After the landing on 25 April, an official tally was not taken until 2 May, so many who actually died at the landing have an official date of death of 2 May. Bloody Angle, which decimated the 16th Battalion, was also on 2 May.

Most deaths occurred in August during battles of the Second Offensive, including the taking of Leane’s Trench on the night of 31 July/1 August and the suicidal dawn charge of the 10th Light Horse Regiment at the Nek on 7 August. But it wasn’t just battles in which these West Australians died. Shelling, machine gun and rifle fire was almost continual and lethal Turkish snipers took a heavy toll. Nowhere was safe, not even in your dugout, having a break, or while using the latrine.

1915 deaths per month, and 1916-1921 deaths:

Month/1915 Number of Deaths
April 168
May 283
June 60
July 40
August 346
September 45
October 27
November 25
December 11
1916-1921 18
Total 1023

Age breakdown (age on enlistment)
Going on the age given on enlistment, the youngest soldier was 17 and the oldest, 47. The average age of eligible Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia soldiers is 26. A lot of lying was going on in the upper and lower ranges, however. Many in the younger and older ranges were even younger or older than they admitted.

Ages, and how many of each:

Age Number
of deaths
17 1
18 20
19 53
20 67
21 90
22 101
23 74
24 66
25 74
26 60
27 62
28 40
29 41
30 42
31 28
32 36
33 24
34 35
35 20
36 18
37 13
38 11
39 14
40 6
41 3
42 6
43 7
44 9
45 2
46 0
47 1
Total 1024

Gallipoli Dead From Western Australia by Age



Project Leader:
Shannon Lovelady


FHWA volunteers - Jan Addison, Reg Bonney, Thelma Chilton, Marilyn Dimond, Barbara Hughes, Shannon Lovelady, Marg Mansfield, Mike Murray, Bev Russell, Edwina Shooter, Lesley Silvester, Graeme Sisson.

Other volunteers - Kate Akerman, Sue Barker, Robert Bloore, Linda Christie, Claire Greer, Kerry Hogan, Bernice Holbrook, Lynne Mannolini, Terry Mill, Andrew Pittaway, Sandra Playle, Sheila Robinson, Tim Sheehan, Mary Sutton, Eloise Verlaque, Lea White, Shelley Yeo, Anne Young. 

Lee-Ann Atkinson; Marjorie Bly, NAA; Andrew Bowman, Carnamah Hist Soc; Neil Bradley; Cynthia Brock; Brenton Brooks; Neville Browning; Daria Burnett; Lorraine Clarke; Bill Edgar, Hale School; James Fleming, CWGC; Ian Gill; Dr Neville Green AM; Bernice Holbrook; Faithe Jones, Gravesecrets; Chris Loudon; Peta Madalena, Scotch College; Lynne Mannolini; Mal Murray, The Gallipoli Association (Ireland); Mike Murray; Stephanie Neille, Aquinas College; Kim Phillips, Spirits of Gallipoli; Andrew Pittaway, City of Fremantle; Sandra Playle; Ken Stewart; Elle Verlaque; Rosemary Waller, Guildford Grammar School; Marcia Watson; Harry Weston, Hale School; Anne Young.

Forensic Medical Panel:
Margaret Benness, BAppSc
Dr Sally Cook, MBBS, FRACGP
Dr Leigh J Coombs, FANZCA FFICANZCA, Anaesthetist
Elizabeth Keating, BS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
Dr Katy Langdon, MBBS, FRACP, MRCP (UK), DTM & H, FAFRM
Clair Stanley, BAppSc


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