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Some articles and items in the following pages are only accessible by Current (paid up) Members of The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS).

Some special items are also available to the public.

Members need to Log In to view items in this section. Once logged in, click on the sub-menu items under the Members Only menu for access.

New pages will be periodically added to this section of the web site, we encourage you to check back often.

The following pages include sections for Members Only

1. Indexes and Databases

(Some Public - some Members Only Area (MOA) - log in required)

Primarily, but not exclusively, data of a Western Australian nature.

Members must log in to view items in the Indexes, Databases & Transcriptions category.

Some items in this category are available to the public -->> Indexes and Databases

2.  Journal - back issues

We are in the process of digitising all of the back issues of the Western Ancestor, and these will be made available to members in the Members Only Area (MOA) of the website. Early editions from 1979 through 1997 are now available to the public. Members need to log in to view more recent back issues -->> Western Ancestor back issues

3. Library Information

(Some Public - some Members Only Area (MOA) - log in required)

Information, items and articles to assist you in using WAGS Library resources.

Some of the items in this category are available to the public -->> Library Information

4. Members' Interests

(open to the public)

The surname interest of WAGS members are shown here, along with the ability to contact the member by clicking onto the member number -->> Members' Interests

5. Members Own Pages

(Open to the public)

Links to webpages of members with their family histories online - additional links are welcome -->> Links to Members Own pages

6. Special Interest Groups

Each group has its own webpage. Most have a area for Members Only -->> link to Special Interest Groups

7. Unwanted Certificates

(Open to the public)

Original Certificates (not photocopies) which have been purchased by WAGS members and are unwanted - these certificates are available with via donation to WAGS -->> Unwanted Certificates

8. WAGS Business

(Members Only Area (MOA) - log in required)

Items of interest to WAGS members.

You must log in to view items in the WAGS Business category -->> WAGS Business

9. WAGS Tales

(Open to the public)

Family history stories from WAGS members, there are some gems here - new contributions are most welcome -->> WAGS Tales

10. WA Surnames

(Open to the public)

Submissions of WA Surnames for whom a member, or a member of the public, are searching - anyone can submit a surname to be included in the database table -->> WA Surnames 

 Stay tuned....

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