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Renewal 2009 - Family Constraints

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2009 Survey Results - Family Commitments

Comments Received as below

Regret we are unable to attend meetings or help in any physical way due to ill health and immobility but we do enjoy reading the journal. Thank you to all your willing helpers.

Am a carer for a husband with Parkinson's. Intend to do some family research when time permits.

Would like to thank the volunteers for the help they've given me in the past, unfortunately I'm unable to do any research at present due to health problems.

Due to fact I'm a full time ‘carer' I have not used the society in any way but maybe ONE DAY - maybe.

Unable to do family history due to serious illness and finally death of my son in 2008

Lack of time due to health and other issues have meant little family tree research. I plan a much more active 2009/10.

I have been out of action most of last year due to partners' health and my own eye problems, which is now fixed. Hope to get into researching again.

Due to family illness I have only been three times so I hope to do a lot more this year.

Health problems with both my husband and self have kept me away from WAGS. Do hope I can spare more time this year to catch up with my research.

Regret that I am unable to help more - my health is not what it was.

In the past I have helped but my health stops me from volunteering.

Plan to use the library, now carer commitments ceased.

Regret baby sitting duties preclude any volunteering or even research!

Would love to say "yes" to all above but work and babysitting commitments prevent me from doing so. Apologies.

Nowadays we are limited because of babysitting duties.

We are still actively involved in genealogical research, but just don't seem to get time to go to the library - big demand from grandchildren. Continue to enjoy the discussion forum on WAGSnet.

While I live more than 2 hours from Perth and have small children, it's hard to do library research, but I have been able to access some things through email and Edwina, and this is much appreciated.

I am a working Mum with 2 little kids - just busy but am very pleased with WAGS and all positive changes to website, library etc. Keep up the good work.

I have a young family and am involved with their primary school and dancing activities. I really have my hands full, but I love genealogy and hope one day to be able to spend more time on it.

I am limited in time as I have a young family. So I attend as often as family commitments allow.

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