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Renewal 2009 - General

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2009 Survey Results - General Comments

Comments received as below

Run it, Run it, Work in it, Eventually (in response to each of the survey questions)

It is early days for me.

Only just joined WAGS.

Only been a member since November last year.
This is likely to be my last year in which I renew my membership.

Wish I had more time ....to research

You are all doing a wonderful job!! Recent innovations indicate how progressive, well organised and committed the leadership group and their future plans are.

Unable to volunteer at the present time but thank you to those who do. Thank you for a great newsletter (Journal) and genealogical society.

Regret I had left it so late to join. Have missed so much time, my age 89 years is bit of a challenge

I would like to congratulate WAGS on a wonderful society you provide the members. I am very sorry I am unable to volunteer and do anything for you.

Thank you to the volunteers who man the 1st floor at the Perth Public Library. You are most helpful.

Sorry away travelling and surgery which will put me out of action 3 months next year.

You are doing a grand job.

All good.

Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated. When I get more time you're on the top of my list. Kind regards.

I would have loved to have ticked "yes" to each of the above boxes - unfortunately circumstances have prevented me from travelling into Perth this year. I do value and appreciate the library, books, volunteers and wonderful courses, and hope to be able to join in again - soon.

Keep up the good work. WAGS is an excellent organisation.

I always enjoy my visits to WAGS, and hope to be there more often in future.

I use WAGS much less than in the past, partly since I now live further away, but still think it is a great facility - my thanks to everyone now involved in the organisation.

Great research facilities in computer room. Will have to learn to understand the Dewey system tho'.

Purchased Family Tree Maker 2009 version.

This is the 4th time I have corrected my email address.

Just started my research again and will try to get up there more often.

I am a member with the Albany Regional Family History Society Inc. I get my raffle books from them.

I belong to group that meets at Riverton Library, High Rd Riverton 1st Wed of month

Most of my research is complete but I remain a member:
1. To support the society
2. In case I need more info

Sorry this is a little late. Put it away so I wouldn't lose it.

Keep up the good work.

Apologies for late renewal due to surgery.

I am hoping to be able to use services in the next 12 months.

Thank you all for a wonderful society!

All are brilliant services. Please don't cut.

Keep up the good work, well done.

Herewith $A50 in cash. It is a pain not being able to pay by credit card over the internet. It's risky too. Still I am glad to be in membership. [Overseas member]

I would rather donate $10 as I don't like selling raffle tickets

Think ordering of certificates should be more often - the wait is so long, one is put off ordering at all and the result is that the requests for BDM's and Wills wait even longer until the required number is reached before mailing. Otherwise, think the help given for certain problems, the session times available, the good nature of the organisation generally very good.

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