Renewal 2009 - Journal

2009 Renewal Survey results for the Journal

Question - Do you regularly read the Journal (Western Ancestor)?

Responses received as below


The Journal is a great publication - always interesting

Read journal very thoroughly.

I look forward to every journal

Keep the journal coming. I enjoy it and read from cover to cover as am incapacitated.

Excellent journal.

I look forward very much to reading the journal.

High quality articles. One of the best.

Enjoy the journal very much. Thank you.

Do you read the Journal? - Scanning would be a more appropriate description.

Journal is great. I wish I had more time to contribute to the data entry project I've been doing at home (WA cemeteries), Many apologies.

Busy at home raising family in between genealogical studies! Would love to be on-site but enjoy the journal very much. Thanks

I enjoy the journal and like to keep up with what's going on. Have continued to derive much benefit from WAGS and its volunteers.

Sometimes the journal comes after the course dates that I'm interested in eg I was interested in 9/3 Discussion about "brick wall". Didn't get the journal until after the 9th

Not mobile enough to come in but LOVE the journal.

May I say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Western Ancestor and the various articles that is my main reason for renewing my subscription. Would love to hear from anyone who lived on the Isle of Skye, Scotland - 1952 and before. - copy of letter given to Projects and Scottish group

Journal could have less repetitive material (Metro repositories, registry info, WAGS services) - once a year is enough. Like to see more WA resources highlighted in journal and talks. e.g. a meeting/talk once a month by 1-2 people from the repositories would be a start. Could be podcast on the website.

I am wondering why addresses and phone numbers are now not included in the new members list. Having to contact WAGS for this is inconvenient and we are not all on ‘electronics'. Surely the idea of listing new members' research interests is to enable us to contact them easily. This has now gone. A backward step, I think.

It would save WAGS money if you sent "Western Ancestor" by sea mail except maybe at renewal time (March edition). Attached is $6:15 receipt for 12/08 edition - very expensive. Sorry for the delay in replying. My credit card expired and it took a long time for the replacement to arrive. [Overseas member]

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