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Renewal 2009 - Library

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2009 Renewal Survey results for Library

Question - Have you used the Library in the last 6 months? 

Responses received as below

General Comments

Yes, City of Perth.

The library volunteers are marvellous

I am MOST appreciative of the service that is provided in the library by the volunteers. Their help is invaluable. Thank you.

Go every week to the library.

Sorry, but as a country member, I cannot volunteer to help, and can make very little use of your library although I did get there once. The more you can put on-line, the better for country members.

I have not used the library in the last 6 months because I was away for Sept and Oct 2008 and have been otherwise occupied since. I will return during winter.

Been unable to visit Library due to heavy work commitments.

Although not able to visit the library due to work commitments, I hope to do so in the coming year.

Due to ill health I have not used library. Normally I would borrow 2 books per fortnight or so. I hope to enjoy our wonderful library in the future.

My husband is frail and aged so I have trouble getting to the library.

Am voluntary library assistant. Regret ill health has prevented me attending - last 3 weeks to activate Renewal so resorted to post.

Due to my husband's poor health, I find it difficult to visit WAGS library, as often as I would like.

Travel and other activities have prevented me accessing the library as much as I would have liked. Location is not all that convenient.

I only had a very broad idea of the range and location of your extensive resources in your library. All contact with the library volunteers, course leaders etc has been very positive and much appreciated.

Is there any possibilities that the library might be able to open on a Tuesday?

Sunday Opening

I think the opening of the library every 2nd Sunday of the month is a very good idea

Have you used the library in the last 6 months? - Only on Sundays.

I live in Geraldton and very hard to get to Perth when library is open. Sunday openings are most welcome.

Open the library every Sunday.

Difficulties getting to the Library

Unfortunately being 83 years of age I do not drive and rely on a scooter. It is not an easy trip but hope to be able to make use of the library before winter sets in.

In my dotage, find it difficult to walk from Bayswater Station - very nervous driver!!

Am unable to get anywhere much, have no vehicle at present moment, on loan to my son.

Poor eyesight and lack of mobility prevent me participating as I would like.

I am a stay-at-home mum to 2 little boys so the opportunity to utilise WAGS library doesn't arise.

I find the summer months too hot to do research but will start again in the cooler weather.


I live in Nedlands and go to the Battye Library which is closer. Any chance WAGS can relocate there? Know you have a desk there.

If the society was in Perth CBD could catch the train to help. Thoroughly enjoy the journal.

Does the library have a clear collection policy? Most of the listed books in Western Ancestor are general history or available in many libraries. Many are donated but lots aren't. I expect a reasonable portion of my membership fee to be spent on buying specialist genealogical original sources on cd, m/fiche or in book form that would not likely be on the internet. Most acquisitions seem to be nothing like this

Relocation to a more central venue would be advantageous to me.

More central location of the library and borrowing 6-8 books at a time would be good.

My main reason for not visiting the library is it is too far. I can get the train to the State Library.

The distance I have to travel to Bayswater limits the use I am able to make of the WAGS facilities and my ability to volunteer.

Appreciate journal. Would like to attend more but distance is against it. [lives in Swanbourne]

Wish you were located nearer to public transport....

I would probably use WAGS services and facilities if you were "up the road" or in the next suburb. I just don't like crossing town to Maylands.

It is difficult to make use of WAGS facilities or help as we live in Pemberton.

I live in North Sydney so I am unable to attend any meetings.

Have moved to Dawesville which is south of Mandurah, so isn't easy to get up very often. My research is still packed away.

It's not possible. I live in Sweden.

Country member - I am living in Busselton this year so will be unable to be a regular contributor. I enjoy the journal very much. I was able to contact a Finlay in Busselton - a friend who read the article on Finlays in the last issue. He was thrilled.

Wish I didn't live in the country (WA).

We would love to be more involved but live in Victoria currently.

I am a long distance member who resides in NSW. Therefore am unable to participate in the activities listed.

Too far to travel, live in Derby

Member of regional family history society and historical society Albany. Disadvantaged living in the country region so unable to volunteer my skills.

Family commitments and distance hinder me from visiting Perth. Also I belong to MFHS (Mandurah) which is very well equipped for research.

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