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Table Search Guide

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This is a basic guide on how to use the search facilities available in the various table on the website.

There is a sample diagram shown below & further notes after the sample.

Please Note:  The searchable tables on this web site utilise JavaScript.  
Please ensure that you have enabled JavaScript in your Browser - usually found in the "Preferences", "Settings" or "Options" section, depending on which browser you are using. If you do not enable JavaScript, the tables may not render correctly and you may bounce out of the table back to the home page with an error message.
We encourage you to experiment with your search using the methods outlined below.

Table Search Guide
For all tables: 
Click on the image at right to zoom.

Use the Selection Box down arrows (under the column headings) to select an item of interest in that column

Narrow your choice by using more than one down arrow selection, e.g. Choose a Country, a State / County, and perhaps a Location, or any combination of these

Where there is no down arrow appearing for a column, you can type into the box to select any occurrence of the letters in that column, and hit enter

For example: If you are searching for the Surname Brown or Broun, you can either type the full name, or an abbreviation. If you type "bro" (without the inverted commas) in the Surname column selection box and hit enter, the table will filter to all of the occurrences of "bro" in any / all of the surname entries; the result will show all of the Brown and Broun surnames, as well as other names with "bro" in them.

  • For the Members Interest Directory table only:

    Type a Member Number in the box for that column, an then hit your enter key. The table will then show all entries for that Member number (if any of the other column filters have been previously set to filter on another criteria, the table will show only the combined filter result)

  • To Contact the Member  (This function also applies in the WA Surnames List)

    Clicking on any Membership Number will open your email program, with the email address for that member already entered in the "To" section

  • For the Genealogy Links Table only:

    Type a keyword into the Title selection box, e.g. index, which will give you all occurrences of the word index in the tables Title column

    To Find our Best (or Favourite Links) collection, use the down arrow on the Best heading & select 1. This will show all of our Best Links selection. You can then use the other column headings selection boxes to narrow your results. There are about 50 links in our Best collection

  • NEW Links - you can find any new links by selecting the number 7 in our Best column filter. New links will be updated on the 7th of each month. 

For all Tables:

  • Selecting the "---" option in any selection box, will restore that column to all items
  • Clicking on any of the Column Titles will sort the table entries in Alpha-numeric order, clicking on the same title again will re-sort the table in reverse order
  • Use the directional arrows at the bottom of the table to progress between pages
  • The tables automatically start with 10 or 20 Rows per page. You can alter the number of "rows per page" in the selection box at the bottom right corner of the table page
  • Click on the Reset filters box at the bottom left of the table to re-show all entries in the table


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