We are a big organisation - and we rely on volunteers

The Society is held together by our many dedicated volunteers, including:- our Management Committee, various Sub-Committees, Appointed Positions, our team of Library Assistants and many others working behind the scenes... from typing and proof-reading each edition of the Western Ancestor, to checking book loans to members.
Any correspondence to Office Bearers etc. should be sent to the Secretary by Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
If you feel that you are able to assist in taking up a position in the FamilyHistoryWA team, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make further enquiries. 

Office bearers 2020-2021

Management Committee - Elected 28 June 2020

To contact current office holders, please go to Society Contacts & use the email forms.

 President vacant
 Vice President  Christine Harris
 Vice President  vacant
 Secretary  Wendy White  Treasurer  Neil Bradley
 Librarian  Edwina Shooter
 Liaison Officer  vacant
 PR Officer
 Terri Usher
 Publications Officer  Lyn Watt
 Committee Member  Garry Keath  Committee Member Garth Walter
 Committee Member
 Robert Atkins
 Committee Member  Deborah Harvey


Appointed Positions - Committees & Convenors

 AFFHO Representative  Julie Martin
 Membership  Mal Dennett
 Archivist  Diane Foster  Membership Assistants  Jean Pearce, Ric & Beth Smith and Heather Simon
 Awards  Ian Barnes
 Operations  Robert Atkins
 Bookshop  Margaret Hickey
 Outside Speakers  Karen Tregenza
 Journal Editor  Mike Murray, LesleySilvester
 Periodicals  Lyn Watt
 Activities Ian Simon (acting)
 Policy and Procedures
 Robert Atkins
 eNews Editor
 Robert Atkins  Projects  Karen Lemnell, Lyn Watt
 Neil Bradley  Property  Ian Barnes
 Grants Officer  Garry Keath
 Publications  Lyn Watt
 Vacant  Public Relations
 Terri Usher
 Information Technology  Christine Harris  Research
  Sandra Rose
 Stationery Officer
 Lyn Watt
  Legal Advisor (Hon.)
 Bruce Havilah
Treasurer Assistants Margaret Pike, Jenny Hodgson, Lyn Watt  Librarian
 Edwina Shooter

 Margaret Mansfield
 Minutes Secretary  Jan Howe
 Family History Centre SLWA Volunteer Co-ordinator  Marilyn Dimond
FHWA Library Volunteers
At FHWA Library, Unit 6, 48 May Street, Bayswater:  Library Volunteers are in attendance during Library Opening Hours

At The Genealogy Centre in the State Library of Western Australia, 1st Floor, Alexander Library Building, Perth Cultural Centre.

To find out more, have a look at FHWA at the Genealogy Centre page.

FHWA Volunteers on duty for genealogy enquiries: 9:30am - 1:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday -

Email: Genealogy Centre Volunteer Co-ordinator

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