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Objects of the Society

WAGS Constitution Article 3 sets out the Objects of the Society:

The basic objects for which the Society is established are:

(1) to promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy, family history and allied subjects;

(2) to establish and conduct a lending and public reference library of printed, photographic and other works related to genealogy, family history and allied subjects;

(3) to print, reproduce, publish, distribute and circulate or cause to be printed, reproduced, published, distributed and circulated, any magazines, pamphlets, periodicals, books, leaflets or documents which the Society may think desirable;

(4) to prepare, record and establish indexed or printed or other sources of reference material related to genealogy, family history and allied subjects;

(5) to preserve, record and acquire pedigrees, family records and other genealogical materials;

(6) to convene, hold, regulate and conduct meetings for the purpose of furthering all or any aims of the Society;

(7) to liase, co-operate, associate and reciprocate with other associations, societies or bodies — corporate or unincorporate, either within or without Australia, having objects wholly, or in part, similar to the objects of this Society.

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