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West Australians who count - 1913

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Australasians who count in London and who counts in Western Australia Australasians who count -1913

In the Foreword to her publication in June 1913, Mrs Leonard W MATTERS, said; Anglo-Australasians take pride in following Henry Lawsons' advice to his countrymen:

"Hold up your heads in London,
Tread firm in London streets!"

This book contains details about people "who matter" in Western Australia, Australia in general as well as New Zealanders and Australasians in London. WAGS past President Brian Croker has provided us with an index of the people mentioned in the publication, thank you Brian. Intersting Blog item on Mrs Matters is here

There are 317 surnames in the surname column. The book is available online through the National Library of Australia here

Surname Given Title Born Spouse Location WA London Place Aus State Aus City Other Country Other City Page Ref
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Adey John Archibald 1876 Goldfields, Perth SA Redhill, Adelaide 9, 141
A'Hearne Grace QLD 133
Alexander Arthur New Zealand Dunedin 133
Alexander Samuel 1859 NSW, VIC Sydney, Melbourne England LAN Withington 9
Allison J Murray Wraysbury 10
Allnutt Ernest A Fowler Fremantle VIC Hamilton 183
Andrews Cecil Rolls Payton 1870 Cottesloe 183
Arnold Percy E C 123
Asche Oscar 1872 Brayton London VIC Geelong. Melbourne Norway 10
Baillieu C L VIC Melbourne 139

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