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WA Surnames Index 1900-1910

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This index has been created by FHWA volunteers, primarily from records held in the J S Battye Library of Western Australian History, in the State Library of Western Australia. Our thanks go to those volunteers and to Martin Pinnell for supplying us with the database which he originally compiled and maintained. Martin is a member and past President of FHWA. The data was originally released in MSDos format on CD. The original CD data has been updated in this database, which now contains 123,191 records. Additional data will be added when indexed.

Click on Surnames for a direct link to Trove search results in The West Australian, for the surname in the period 1900-1910. Some entries in the table will show no results in the Trove search, you may need to adjust the search criteria, such as the date, on the Trove website.

NB: Due to recent Trove upgrades these links are not working in properly. Once in Trove delete filters except for 'all of these words:(surname)'  . Then Refine your results - Place: Western Australia, Category: Family Notices, and Date range: as required

See notes below the table for source details. To get the best out of using the table, go to the >> Table Search Guide <<

Source Reference Notes:
350.5941WES-1905 = Western Australian Govt Gazette (1905) - Likewise for each year 1905-1908
Kalgoorlie Cemet = Burials in Kalgoorlie Cemetery (1900-1910)
N E Coolgardie = Burials in North East Coolgardie District (1900-1910)
WAGS Lib 17611 = Presbyterian Church Baptisms - Fremantle (1900-1910)
WAGS Lib 18558 = Index on CD of Uniting Church Baptisms - WA (1900-1910) - Uniting Church includes = Prebyterian, Methodist (Wesleyan), & Congregational Churches of the period.
WAGS Lib 18806-0 = Index of Inquests in Western Australia - (1900)
WAGS Lib 18806-1 = Index of Inquests in Western Australia - (1901)
WAGS Lib 18806-2 = Index of Inquests in Western Australia - (1902)
WAGS Lib 18806-3 = Index of Inquests in Western Australia - (1903)



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