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WA Schools Index 1891-2005

This index was compiled by FHWA member Dr Neville Green, as part of a paper titled 'Government School Created Records in Western Australia 1891-2005 - A listing of key records in the Western Australian State Records Office'. Dr Green provided FHWA Library with a hard copy, which is available in the Library. This index will enable FHWA members and other family historians to quickly determine what archival material the WA State Records Office holds for Government Schools in the period covered. There are 2,687 records in the table. See further explanatory notes below the table. To get the best out of using the table, go to the >> Table Search Guide <<

School First Date Status 2005 Archived Registers Journals Inspectors Closed
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Abrolhos Islands 1964 Closed 2000 Nil Nil Nil Nil 2000
Adam Road 1966 Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Agnew 1937 U/K Nil Nil Nil Nil
Airdale 1929 Closed 1929 Nil Nil Nil Nil 1929
Ajana 1911 Closed Yes Nil 1912-51 Nil Unknown
Albany 1899 Yellow P 2005 Yes 1922-64 1918-69 1909-59
Albany Infants 1899 No data Yes 1904-74 1899-74 1899-75
Albany North SHS No data Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Albany SHS 1931 Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Albany Special School 1964 No data Yes 1964-70 Nil Nil
Aldersyde 1925 Closed 1968 Yes 1949-62 1952-64 Nil 1968
Aldersyde North 1942 Closed 1947 Nil Nil Nil Nil 1947
Aldinga 1920 Closed Nil Nil Nil Nil Unknown
Alinjarra 1996 Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Allanson 1923 Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Allendale 1950 Closed Nil Nil Nil Nil Unknown
Allenswood 1975 Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Alma 1904 Closed Nil Nil Nil Nil Unknown
Amanbidji School No data Yellow P 2005 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Amaroo 1956 Yellow P 2005 Yes Nil 1956-63 Nil


Column headings: There are slight changes to the table headings in this index from those which Dr Green has in his original paper; this has been done for space considerations in the web page presentation. The headings in the above table refer to:
School = School; First Date = First reference date found for the school; Status = Status of School in 2005; Archived = material held by SRO; Registers = Admission registers; Journals = School journals; Inspectors = Inspectors journals; Closed = Date the School closed.

Key & Abbreviations: A- means amalgamated with another school or schools; DHS= District High School; SHS = Senior High School; HS =High School; primary school is shorted to fit the line and may be pr, pri or prim.; U/K= Unknown * = student cards not registers, ** = other student records;

Excerpt from Dr. Green's Introduction:

Three school created records of great value to researchers are the admission registers (1898-c1970) which are a valuable source of social history and genealogy; school journals in which the head teacher noted the significant events in the life of the school including attendances, earthquakes, epidemics, dust storms and general administration difficulties; inspectors’ journals in which the visiting inspectors and later superintendents reported on the quality of teaching, children’s performances and local issues pertaining to the school.  Each contributes to the social history of the locality and the general history of schools and schooling in Western Australia. The survey in the present document is restricted to these three records.  Of the estimated 2,600 or so schools identified, only 15 percent have archived any admission registers, school journals or inspectors’ reports since 1891 and fewer than 15 of all these schools opened since 1891 have a complete set in the archives.



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