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The WAGS Legacy User Group (WAGSLUG) is open to all WAGS members, whether users of the Legacy genealogy software program or not.

Members of the public are also able to attend meetings, but are encouraged to become a member of WAGS after having attended 2 meetings of the Legacy User Group.

The group was officially recognised by WAGS as a Special Interest Group on 23 September 2013, after their inaugural meeting held on 22 September 2013. This meeting saw our fledgling group elect a convenor, Diane Foster, who has been the driving force behind the formation of the group.

Format for the meetings will be on the basis of a central theme covering aspects of the Legacy program, but will also provide opportunity for exploration of other questions that members wish to pursue.


Meeting Plans for 2019

This year we will focus on the various Tools within Legacy to accomplish particular tasks.
Last year we looked extensively at Data Entry including entering Sources and briefly at some output.

In February we will explore some of the Tools on the Tools Menu except for the Media Tools.

In March we will explore the Media Tools. This will include how to link to media. Too many get into a mess with Media by moving their media around and/or changing the filenames. Legacy has tools to help with the first and better ways to handle the second so links are not broken.



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