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Institutional members

FHWA Institutional Member List

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We currently have 21 Institutional Members who are shown in the following alphabetical list.

Clicking on the Member's name below will take you to their website.

Each of these organisations has access to the Members Only areas of our website on computers at their premises.

Institutional Members are located all around the state of Western Australian and in the Perth metropolitan area these include:

Albany, Bassendean, Broome, Claremont, Fremantle, Joondalup, Kalgoorlie, Kwinana, Leederville, Midland, Nedlands, Peppermint Grove and York.

As well as local libraries and historical societies & organisations these include:  Find and Connect, Tuart Place, and the Army Museum.


 Albany History Collection

Army Museum of Western Australia Foundation

Ballarat and District Genealogical Society Inc

Bassendean Local Studies collection

Belmont Museum

Birtwistle Local Studies Collection, City of Armadale Library

Broome Public Library

Claremont Community Hub and Library

Carnamah Historical Society and Museum

Find and Connect Western Australia 

- Stolen Generations, foster children, wards of the state and adopted children

Fremantle Local History Collection, City of Fremantle

Inglewood Library, City of Vincent

Joondalup Local History Collection

Kalgoorlie/Boulder Local History and Heritage Services

Kwinana Public Library

Nedlands Local Studies Library

Tuart Place

Unley Family History Collection, City of Unley, South Australia

Vincent Local History Centre, City of Vincent

Wanneroo Regional Museum

York Society Research and Archival Centre

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