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India & SE Asia Group Minutes

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August 2015

pdfISEA August 2015 Minutes (11.93 KB)

May 2015

pdfISEA Minutes of May 2015 Meeting (200.55 KB)

2015 AGM

pdfISEA 2015 AGM Minutes (170.2 KB)

February 2015

pdfISEA February 2015 Minutes

November 2014

pdfISEA November 2014 Minutes192.61 KB



July 2014

pdfISEA Minutes July 2014 107.48 KB

April 2014

pdfISEA April 2014 Minutes96 KB

pdfISEA 2014 AGM Minutes93.8 KB

February 2014

pdfISEA February 2014 Minutes67.51 KB

October 2013

pdfISEA October 2013 Minutes96.69 KB

July 2013

pdfISEA July 2013 Minutes 99.11 KB

April 2013

pdfISEA April 2013 AGM Minutes 93.05 KB

pdfISEA April 2013 AGM Convenor's report52.74 KB

pdfISEA April 2013 Minutes 112.07 KB

January 2013

pdfISEA January 2013 Minutes 125.31 KB

October 2012

pdfISEA October 2012 minutes  61.72 KB

July 2012

pdfISEA July 2012 minutes 65.52 Kb

April 2012

Members shared some interesting resources, discoveries and discussed some possibilities for solving a number of "brick walls" raised by members.

pdfISEA April 2012 minutes 153.08kb

January 2012

Three online sites useful for Indian research were demonstated, followed by a hands on session for members in the WAGS Library to undertake their own research.

pdfISEA January 2012 minutes432.04 KB

October 2011

Ainslie Sharpe gave a talk on how to research your ancestors in India and South East Asia.

pdfISEA October 2011 minutes181.79 KB

July 2011

The WAGS website was demonstated followed by a portrayal of a member's family research progress.

pdfISEA July 2011 minutes144.18 KB

April 2011

At the April meeting we discussed a variety of topics.  Have a look at our minutes:

pdfISEA April 2011 minutes36.47 KB

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