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Quarterly meetings are usually held at WAGS in February, May, August and November. Contact the Convenor for details. 


Convenor:               Liana Fitzpatrick

Email:                      SIGS Contacts - Convenor - India & SE Asia SIG  


Next Meeting

Saturday 23 February 2019 at 10:30AM  Aa short meeting followed by personal research time.  Come along and discover the wonderful resources at WAGS


Other 2019 Meetings

25 May, 24 August, 23 November at 10:30AM

 To see a complete list of all events and to book see:


 A $2 donation at meetings will either be used to provide something for morning tea, or most likely allow us to purchase reference material for the groups use and ultimate inclusion in the library. eg: Books, Journals, LDS films etc. 

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