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Enrolled Pensioner Guards > Addendum and Errata to the Veterans

Addendum and Errata to the Veterans

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Addendum and Errata to the Veterans, held in WAGS Library

The Veterans, A history of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia, 1850-1880.
                        By F.H. Broomhall.  Published by Hesperian Press, Victoria Park, W.A. 1985

Frank Broomhall produced the quintessential reference on the history of the Enrolled Pensioner Guards of WA - without the sources we would consider essential today.  

A mammoth work, for which he is to be greatly admired !

( This was not his only publication, he also authored The Longest Fence in the World and a local history, Mt Marshall. )

Note - this item does not include all additions or corrections known, only those provided kindly provided by Hesperian Press to WAGS in 1990.

Our thanks go to Peter Bridge of Hesperian Press, Brian Croker, Gillian O’Mara, Leo Parker and Mrs M McNamara for providing this information.

The Addendum and Errata to the Veterans is held in WAGS Library

Person                                                             Source

AHERN,  John                                                                 MT 32/5
      Wife and daughter on board

ATKINSON,  William                                                         MT 32/5
      Punishment at sea

BEGLEY,  Patrick                                                             MT 32/5
      Wife Catherine on board Merchantman

BESWICK,  Frederick
      5 Aug 1891   Died age 63 buried Anglican portion          Reg Gen BMDs
                         Fremantle Cemetery
BLOOMER,  Edward
      Marriage entry 13 April 1888 should be for Richard.
      Marriage entry 12 May 1888 should be for Christopher Edward

BLOOMER,  Edward   4021 H.M. Bengal Artillery                  B.J. Crocker
      Born           Knockbridge Co. Cavan                              L/MIL/308
      Enlisted       29 Feb 1844, Edinburgh                            (Br Library Reference)
      Age             25, Labourer
      Discharged   27 February 1861, unfit
      Character     Very Good
      Height         5’5.75”
      Hair             Fair
      Complexion   Fair
      Eyes            Blue


CONNORS,  Darby [Jeremiah]  Private 223, 32nd Regiment   WO 97/419
      Military History
      Born         Clinigan, Co Carlow
      Enlisted     Newtownbarry. Co Wexford 2 June 1825
      Age          18, Labourer
      Service     12 years 12 days including 10 years in Jamaica
      Character   Indifferent
      28 Oct 1873    Pension increased to 1/1 for 14.5 year’s service in WA
      Discharged       Buttevant 13 June 1837 worn out
      Height             5’6.25”
      Complexion      Fair
      Eyes                Grey
      Hair                 Brown

CRAGGS,  Benjamin                Private 205, 7th Dragoon Guards
      Born         Cloveneagh, Queens County

DAVEY,  Henry
      Private Plymouth Division Royal Marines                          ADM 158/218
      Military History                            
      Born North      Petherton, Somerset                
      Enlisted          4 May 1836, Taunton, Somerset        
      Age               19 years 5 months, mason
      Discharged     28 July 1845, Scrofula
      Height           5/7”
      Complexion     Fresh
      Eyes              Grey
      Hair               Brown

EVANS,  Thomas, pensioner,
       Born         St. Peters parish Hereford about 1822, shoemaker
       Served      1st Regt of Foot, 25 regiment of Foot & 3rd Light Infantry
                      Most of his service was in India, Literate.
       Married   Ann McClosky nee Ryan, illiterate at Cannanore, Malabar Coast – later lived Madras.
          3 daughters: -
            Sophia Maria married John Flynn’s son Timothy on 26 December 1868 – 13 children
            Elizabeth Amelia married John Allpike in 1882 – 1 child
            Helena born of St. Helena unmarried.

      The family came to WA in Belgravia in 1866.
      Tom died in 1871, His widow married emancipist John Greenway in 1873.
      Ann died in Fremantle 1883.FLANAGAN,  Richard
        References: “Encyclodedia of Western Australia “
                          should read “Cyclopedia of W. Australia”.

    Private 621, 92nd Regiment of Highlanders                WO 97/1008
      Military History
      Born        Nairn, Nairnshire
      Enlisted    Huntley, Aberdeenshire, 28 Aug 1827
      Age          18, Labourer
      Service     21 years 61 days including
      Gibraltar   1 year 11 months
                     Malta 5 years 2 months
                     W. Indies 2 years 10 months
      Discharged  Limerick Co Limerick 23 Nov 1848 worn out
      Height        5’7”
      Complexion Fair
      Eyes          Grey
      Hair           Fair

GAFFNEY,  George    Reference WO 222/248 should read WO22/248.GALLAGHER,  John
      3 May 1856 died should read 30 May 1866 died.

GRADY,  Thomas    WO22/226 has a certificate of change of residence
      which gives birth place plus other information
HAMILTON,  John    Punishment on board                        MT 32/5

      12 Dec 1863 Granted North Fremantle Lot P13 (Swan St.) Title

KELLINGTON,  Edward    Corporal 660, 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers    WO 97/1649
        Military History:
        Born         Marylebone, London
        Enlisted     3 Dec 1842. Queens Square, London
        Age          19 years 2 months, Labourer
        Service      21 years 166 days
                       New South Wales   5 years 3 months
                       East Indies   11 years
                       China   1 year 2 months
        Discharged    Aldershot, Hampshire 3 June 1864 at own request
                           Intended place of residence Portsmouth
        Character     Very Good
        Height         5’5.5”
        Complexion  Fresh
        Eyes           Blue
        Hair            Light
      6 Feb 1875    Convicted by Court martial at Perth Imprisoned for 168 days.
      18 Jan 1887  Pension increased to ¼ for service in EPF.

KILMURRAY,  Patrick Private 466, 3rd Regiment of Foot            WO 97/253
        Military History:
        Born        Kilbeggan, Co West Meath
        Enlisted    10 Oct 1825, Tullamore, King’s County
        Age          17. Servant
        Service     13 years 329 days
                       East Indies approx. 14 years
        Discharged    25 June 1841 disease & disability
        Character      Good
        Height          5”6.2”
        Complexion   Fresh
        Eyes             Light Blue
        Hair              Fair
KILPATRICK,  Daniel Ross
      Reference to “Encyclopedia of Western Australia” should read
      “Cyclopedia of Western Australia”Vol 2.

McCULLOCK,  Clarke/Charles
        Punishment on board                        MT 32/5

McDONALD,  William    
        Punishment of Board                        MT 32/5

McKAY,  John    Corp 1064, 96th Regiment of Foot
        Born        Leith, County Midlothian
        Enlisted    29 August 1836, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
        Age         15, Labourer
        Service     21 years 19 days
                      Australia     7 years 10 months
                      East Indies    6 years 1 month
                      Gibraltar    6 years 10 months
        Discharged    25 march 1861 Dublin, unfit for service
        Intended residence     20 Candleriggs Street, Glasgow
        Character    Good
        Height        5’6”
        Complexion Dark
        Eyes           Hazel
        Hair            Dark Brown

MEEHAN,  Patrick    Punishment on Board   MT 32/5

PEDIE/PEDDIE,  James        Punishment on Board                MT 32/5

PHILLIPS,  Henry    2 Nov 1862 Died at Rottnest                Inquirer

PINDER,  Enoch    Punishment on Board                    MT 32/5

REDMOND,  Michael    Married Ann Brady widow of Edward Bloomer    Reg Gen BMDs

REYNOLDS,  Patrick    Punishment at Sea                    MT 32/5

RICKEY,  Walter    Private 659, 63rd Regiment of Foot
            Born        Knockbride, Cavan
            Enlisted    14 September 1827 Cootehill    
            Age          18, Labourer
            Service     20 years 279 days
                           New South Wales (VDL)    5 years
                           East Indies    13 years
            Discharge      5 August 1848 Chatham, Kent. Unfit for service
            Character      Good
            Height          5’8.5”
            Complexion   Sallow
            Eyes            Grey
            Hair             Brown    

STONE,  James        
      Military History    
         Born         St. Patrick’s Dublin
         Enlisted     25 November 1836, age 21
         Service      Including 8 years in Afghanistan and India
         Discharged 26 Dec 1845 Chelsea Hospital
                         12 May 1874 Pension increased to 1/3 per day

WHITE,  William    99th  regt
            1850 Mrs White “Corporal’s wife aged 36 received medical attention on board ‘Hashemy’ during the Voyage.   ADM 101/32 &  WO4/286
                          Family history held by Gillian O’Mara, WAGS member # 839.

WHITE,  W        Corp 10th Regt
                        Delete “Mrs White ..voyage.” as this refers to White William 99th Regt.

WHITELY,  James    Private 1818, 31st Regt of Foot            WO 97/503
      Military History    
         Born        Paulstown, Co Kilkenny
         Enlisted    15 Feb 1843 Kilkenny Co Kilkenny
         Age          19.5 years, Shoemaker
         Service      3 years 351 days         
                         East Indies    2 years 11 months
         Discharge   26 Mar 1847, Chatham, Kent Wounded
         Intended residence    Whitehall near Kilkenny
         Character      Good
         Height          5”7.5”
         Complexion   Fair
         Eyes             Grey
         Hair              Fair
         30 Sept 1873 Pension increased to 1/0 ½ for 9.5 year’s service in EPF.



Letter from Leo R. Parker:-
“As two of my great grandfathers were pensioners I am enclosing what I have found out about them so far.

One of them, Corporal Tom Evans (Belgravia guard) is mentioned on page B88 at ‘The Veterans’.  I enclose a copy of his discharge from the 43rd Regiment.

The other John Flynn (Robert Small guard) is not listed. He is sometimes confused with Sergeant John Flynn, 39th Regt from Tralee.

I enclose a copy of his discharge from the St. Helena Artillery in the East India Company and other information.

It is interesting to note that one of John Flynn’s descendants became Minister for Water Supply in Victoria and 34 of them were university graduates.

John Flynn and Tom Evans also shared a great grandson who became the 1913 Rhodes Scholar for WA (Aleric Pinder Boor).

FLYNN,  John Pensioner was born in Cork and probably married there. He was by trade a tailor. He and his wife Ellen nee McCarthy had three daughters (Mary, Elizabeth & Maria Jane) on St Helena’s Island during John’s service there with the St. Helena’s Artillery, a unit of the East India Company.  This was 1830-1836.  They subsequently lived in Cork.

They came to WA in Robert Small with their son Timothy and daughters Johanna and Ellen and possibly others.

Tim Flynn married Tom Evan’s daughter Sophia on 26-12- 1868 (13 Children)Johanna Flynn 1st married Captain John Godfrey (Georgette, Laughing Wave) 4 children.

2nd married James Delaney (2 children)Ellen Flynn (jr) married Police Sergeant Thomas Carroll - 8 children.

John Flynn died in Fremantle 1859 and his widow Ellen in 1882.

The dictionary of Western Australian Vol 3 page 282 credits John with service as a Sergeant in 39th  Regt.   I can find no evidence to support this [Leo Parker].


Letter from Mr M.S. McNamara:-

My ancestor is John Kirwan who came out on the “Scindian” in 1850 in charge of convicts.  A 70 page booklet has just been printed on the Kirwan family origins by a cousin, Keith Wade of Auckland N.Z. Keith has recently been to the UK and Ireland and extensively researched John Kirwan’s military history.

We feel the Kirwan No 572 as recorded B162 in your book is not the John Kirwan who came out in the “Scindian” with his wife and 5 children.

The extract from our John Kirwan’s pass book is as follows:
30th regiment of Foot No 322

John KIRWAN enlisted 30th Regt of Foot on 25 Jan 1829 at Chatham, County of Kent at the age of 21 years 3 months,
Born in Parish of Kilmain in or near the town of Kilmain in county of Mayo.
Height 5”9 ½ “ complexion fresh, eyes blue, hair brown.
He was a Corporal in 1832
Sergeant 6th Feb 1847
Joined 63rd Regiment of Foot from 29th October 1825-24 January 1829.
These personal details are consistent with J.K’s Military Records from the PRO.

The other John Kirwan No 572 according to Army medical records was in 1836 declared “Totally unfit for Military Service because of Varicose Veins and Ulcers”. 

For almost 7 years Nos 322 and 572 had been hopelessly mixed up in Army records and, as my cousin writes, added days to his research.

Be all this as it may, you may be interested to know that John Kirwan, after leaving his block in Freshwater Bay in 1858, sailed to SA in the “Anna Dixon’ and settled at Wilpena Pound in the north of SA.  He and his wife and family conducted eating houses in various places in the north until 1873.  

He committed suicide at Edeowie, where they had an eating house, on 1st January 1873.  
He is buried at Edeowie station with a fine slate headstone, erected by his sorrowing family. 

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